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What’s New at Cape Christian Academy

Mr. Alan Rhoads, the school’s new Athletics Director, sits on the “volcano” with some of his students.

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COURT HOUSE – There’s a whole lot of “new” at Cape Christian Academy, a God-focused, academically rich private school in Cape May Court House that educates kids from preschool all the way through 12th grade.

The academy is welcoming a new elementary school teacher, Alan Rhoads, who previously taught in the public school system for several years and has two master’s degrees in Urban Leadership and Education as well as Educational Psychology. Mr. Rhoads will also serve as the school’s “Athletics Director” and hopes to give the sports program a shot in the arm this year.

Fourth-grade students at Cape Christian Academy.

Mr. Rhoads said that he is excited to teach his students about Jesus and to get them active and engaged in athletic activities. “Whatever gets the most students moving and engaged, that’s our goal. We want to get them active and work to foster community,” he said. Mr. Rhoads will organize a new soccer team at the school, and will work to further develop the school’s basketball, softball, and kickball teams.

Mr. Alan Rhodes is a new third and fourth-grade teacher at Cape Christian Academy. He has many years of public school education experience and is excited to teach his students about Jesus. “I hope my students are ready to learn and work hard,” he said.

“But having the freedom to teach our students about the story of the Bible is the thing I’m most looking forward to,” he said.

Mr. Rhoads and his wife are about to welcome a new baby girl into their family, and the timing is perfect for the child to enroll in the school’s childcare program. Cape Christian Academy has seen increased demand for childcare, so they are expanding their “Early Learning Center” program for infants and toddlers with the addition of another childcare room.

The childcare staff at Cape Christian Academy.

“The demand for this age group in our county is huge – we hope the new space accommodates the many people on our waiting list,” said Elizabeth Gray, Development Director at the school.

Elizabeth emphasized the value of community at Cape Christian Academy. Community isn’t a buzzword, it’s a tangible reality that plays out through small class sizes, extracurricular gatherings, and a shared Christian belief.

She said that morning chapel is a great way for students to come together in worship. And the smaller class sizes give students more one-on-one time with their teachers.

Stephanie Springer, a kindergarten teacher entering her fourth year at Cape Christian, said “The community here keeps me coming back. It’s a very intimate, close-knit feeling place where everyone is welcome.”

Mr. Alan Rhoads is excited to get his students motivated to play sports.

Nicole Lindsay, a lifelong educator, said that she enrolled her three children at Cape Christian because she did not want them “lost in the shuffle.” She was drawn to the Biblically-focused and academically challenging education that Cape Christian provides to students. “I don’t feel like I have to be concerned about what ideas they are coming home with,” she said. “As Christians, the school reinforces what we already believe and live out at home.”

Cape Christian Academy’s mission is to assist the family and church in preparing students for a life of Godly understanding and servant leadership by providing an excellent education that is established upon a biblical worldview.

Mrs. Stephanie Springer, a kindergarten teacher at Cape Christian Academy, taught Hope how to read. The two still keep in touch during the school year.

“Our focus at Cape Christian Academy is to support families by instilling a strong foundation in children so that they can excel academically, faithfully, emotionally, and physically,” said John Spriggs, who has served as the school’s Administrator for the past 16 years. He added,” This is an academically rigorous institution; we use Bob Jones curriculum to graduate kids who are ready to meet life’s challenges.” Additionally, as part of the education program, students are required to volunteer their time by serving at nursing homes, community-driven nonprofits, and projects at local churches.

Cape Christian Academy’s well-rounded, Biblically-based education has resonated with parents and students across the county. Check out all that’s new and get more information about what Cape Christian Academy has to offer you at

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