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A House Divided Will Fall

Bertram Halbruner

By Bertram Halbruner

I would like to address what I believe is an increasingly dangerous trend in this country. After the recent Supreme Court rulings regarding abortion rights, gun control and religious liberty, I observed a series of events take place that, while expected, were nonetheless dangerous. Let me make it clear, my position on the aforementioned issues is not the purpose for writing this. I am neither arguing for or against these issues. 

What is deeply concerning to me, and should be to you, is government’s reaction to these rulings. 

The U.S. Supreme Court is onethird of our government! We have the Executive Branch, the Legislative branch, and the Judicial branch. Each is equal in power and authority within the scope of their respective duties.  

We know it is the duty of the Supreme Court to settle any issues regarding the Constitution, its application, interpretation, and issues of rights. These nine justices are the third branch of government. With respect to their role, they are the final word. It is not the right of any other branch of government, be it federal, state, or local, to decide that the court’s rulings are right or wrong. When the courts decide an issue, that is it. It is the law regarding the Constitution. It is the obligation of all other government entities to uphold and defend that Constitutional ruling, as they swore to do in their oath of office. 

Instead, what I have observed from government officials equates to sedition. I listened as one elected official stated openly, “We don’t care what the Supreme Court said, we will do what we want.“  

Since these rulings were made public, I have watched one politician after another do everything in their power to undermine the Supreme Court’s authority, withmany claiming the court is “illegitimate” and calling for the court to be dissolved, while others openly called for states to “ignore the court’s ruling and keep passing laws” that are in clear violation of the court’s rulings. This is no less insurrection than the events of Jan. 6, 2021 

Elected officials are obligated to accept and implement the rulings of the Supreme Court as law. It is an attack against democracy and an attack against the government itself to encourage such dissent. When one branch of government revolts against the other, we no longer have a functioning government; we have anarchy.  

Recently, Joe Biden stood on a stage in Spain and eviscerated the Supreme Court, a branch of government, something no president has ever done openly criticizing an equal branch of government while on foreign soil before a world forum. This shows his utter contempt for anything and anyone that disagrees with his views.   

The Constitution governs our government. It must be adhered to and followed or this nation, as we know it, will be unrecognizable.   

A house divided will surely fall and this house is on a slippery slope. When an elected official calls for ignoring the Constitution, that official has committed sedition. I have never witnessed a more dangerous trend in this nation than I see right now, and our leaders are responsible. If this nation collapses, it’s their fault! 

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