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Sunday, July 14, 2024


School Board Elections Results: Budget Pass in11, Fail in 6 Districts – 4.19.2006

By Al Campbell

COURT HOUSE — “On behalf of the board, I would like to thank the residents of Middle Township for the support they have shown during this year’s election,” said Michael Kopakowski, Middle Township schools superintendent.
“It’s important to recognize the staff members, administrators, teachers, support staff who help not only at election time, but every day,” he added.
He spoke after anxiously tallying election results district by district at the administration building.
Kopakowski’s district was one of the 11 countywide where passed budgets.
Voters rejected school budgets in Dennis Township, Sea Isle City, Wildwood, Woodbine, West Wildwood, and Upper Township.
The following are unofficial results:
Avalon: one, three-year seat, Lynn Schwartz, 101
Budget: Yes 73  No 43
Cape May: three, three-year seats, Myra Kurkowski, 176, Mark LeMunyon, 192, Joseph McKenna, 173.
One, two-year seat, John Lord, 192.
One, one-year seat, Roberta Townsend, 180.
Budget: Yes  149 No 84
Cape May Point: one, three-year seat, Gabrielle Larkin, 36.
Budget: Yes 32  No 1
Dennis Township: three, three-year seats, Mark Rinkus, 407, John Robertson, 440, Blane Stineman 427.
Budget: Yes 295  No 434
Lower Cape May Regional:
Lower Township: two, three-year seats, Richard Hooyman 817, William Lucas417, Carlotta Ackley 350, Gary Playford 559.
Cape May: one, three-year seat, William Nelson 172
Budget: Yes 675  No 521.
Lower Township Elementary: three, three-year seats, Ralph Bakley 925, David Chapman 864, Paul Yerk 878.
Budget: Yes 672  No 524
Middle Township: three, three-year seats, Andrew Melchiorre 616, Rosie Jefferson 462, Mia DelCorio 572, Daniel Money 625.
Budget: Yes 518  No 424
North Wildwood: three, three-year seats, Mary Ellen McGovern 185, Kadie Stefankiewicz 155, Via Zampirri 181.
Budget: Yes 132 No 110
Ocean City: three, three-year seats, H. James Bauer 619, Fred Hoffman 718, Barbara Sl. Kichline 447, Jill Klein Rogers 492, Bart J. Russell 516.
Budget: Yes 596  No 410
Sea Isle City: three, three-year seats, Maria Vitiello-Crudele 710, William Kennedy 88, Michael McHale 749, Thomas Szczurek 681.
One, one-year seat, Madelyn DiGenni 553.
Budget: Yes 215  No 436
Stone Harbor: two, three-year seats, Diana Harris 92, Terri Hand 92.
Budget: Yes 91 No 19
Upper Township: three, three-year seats, Judy Lynn Fayter 728, Kim Breckley 805, Randall Walter Roash 704.
Budget: Yes 653  No 670
West Cape May: two, three-year seats, Gerald Reeves 92, William Scott 51, Chris Shriver 77.
Budget: Yes 81  No 36
West Wildwood: one, three-year seat, no petition filed.
Budget: Yes 19  No 26
Wildwood: three, three-year seats, R. Todd Kieninger 245, Ernest Troiano III 213, Richard Adair 209, David Wertman 202, Carol Bannon 221.
One, one-year seat: Anthony Totah Jr. 206, William Cripps 186.
Budget: Yes 143  No 223
Wildwood Crest: two, three-year seats, Frank Spiewak 169, Donna Osborn-Long 209, Frank Accardi 340, Judy Huber 305.
Budget: Yes 260  No 160
Woodbine: three, three-year seats, Geddzayda Ruiz 50, Harold Harris 101, Lisa Feliciano 85, Stephen Cooper 55.
Budget: Yes 64  No 68

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