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Sunday, May 19, 2024


Sciarra and Casey Call on Cape Freeholders to Push for Full-Service MVC

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WILDWOOD, NJ – Since the reopening of New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission Center’s, residents have been dealing with extended long lines and delays for service. Despite over a month of operations, long lines continue to plague the state agencies. Drivers bring chairs, umbrellas, food, and water to shield themselves from the heat and are often turned away after waiting for hours.
Full-service centers have been split into Licensing and Vehicle Specialty Centers. Since the Cape May County office is only offering limited services, residents are being turned away and must drive over an hour to another center to transact their vehicular business. Freeholder Candidates Brendan Sciarra and Liz Casey want the county to step in and push for restoring a full-service center. 
“Since reopening, county MVC Centers have been a disaster,” said Sciarra. “We have seen countless reports of drivers often being turned away after waiting several hours in unreasonably long lines. Standing in the summer heat has even led to some medical emergencies. Other states are handling their motor vehicle operations in the pandemic with far better results. Options like online scheduling could help alleviate Cape residents from having to drive over an hour for registration or title renewals. I believe it’s essential for the Freeholders to be an active voice in helping to restore a full-service center to the county,” Sciarra said.
“We are calling on the Freeholder Board to pass a resolution and lobby state officials to restore Cape May County’s MVC to a full-service center,” added Casey.  “I’ve spoken with numerous friends and residents who have shared their horror stories, highlighting the failure of the MVC to adequately conduct business. The limited service provided to our county residents is especially unacceptable when even boat registrations require traveling to another county,” concluded Casey.
Ordered and paid for by Sciarra and Casey for Freeholder PO Box 1551 Wildwood, NJ 08260.

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