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Thursday, June 20, 2024


Crest Mulls Bikes on Sidewalk by Sunset Lake

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By Shay Roddy

WILDWOOD CREST – Commissioners and the police department discussed allowing bicycle traffic on the sidewalk along Sunset Lake, at a Feb. 19 meeting.
Police Capt. Robert Lloyd, the officer-in-charge, said riding in the street is too dangerous.
“It’s too much of a safety hazard. It’s my opinion to the governing body that we need to allow, especially children, to use that path for bicycles,” Lloyd said.
Mayor Don Cabrera thinks that everyone needs to work together and share sidewalks.
“People have to learn to peacefully coexist,” Cabrera said. “Be mindful and courteous to one another. I don’t know if we have to put that sign up. You think that’s common sense. It is what it is. I certainly encourage people to use that sidewalk that promenade for bicycle traffic.”
“Could we paint a bike lane in there?” Deputy Mayor Joyce Gould asked.
“I believe it’s wide enough, I’m not sure you’d want to put paint down on that sidewalk,” said Lloyd, referencing the new stamped walkways by Sunset Lake. 
Public Safety Commissioner David Thompson disagreed.
“It’s gotta be wide enough for two (directions of bike traffic). For them to have the clearance, you’re going to take better than half of that. It’s just not wide enough,” Thompson said. “It would be ideal, if you could, if it’s one way, and there was no reason to come back the other way, but on a two way, it’s just not wide enough.”
Discussions on the bike traffic along the sidewalks will continue, Cabrera said.

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