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Saturday, May 18, 2024


Crest Cops Nab Man With Weapons Knocking on Door to Sell Weed

marijuana arrest

By Herald Staff

WILDWOOD CREST – Police said they arrested a man who was knocking on a door trying to sell weed and, in the process of the arrest, found a machete and a tomahawk axe in his possession.
After receiving a call about the door-knocking marijuana salesman Dec. 14, cops stopped a vehicle driven by someone matching the suspect’s description, according to a release from Crest police. 
They later identified the suspect as Seaver Sittineri, 28, of Lindenwold. Police said they found a large quantity of marijuana in Sittineri’s possession in addition to the weapons and drug paraphernalia. 
Sittineri was charged with unlawful possession of weapons, distribution of marijuana and drug paraphernalia, police said, adding he was released pending court proceedings.
Police said that although simple possession of marijuana has been decriminalized, distribution of any amount of marijuana still remains a criminal violation, adding only state regulated cannabis may be possessed and can only be purchased legally from state licensed regulated cannabis distribution facilities.

The above is based on information received from a law enforcement agency. The persons named are presumed innocent, unless proven otherwise.

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