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Saturday, June 15, 2024


Morey’s Piers Awarded for Program Employing Tech Students

Morey’s Piers Awarded for Program Employing Tech Students

By Press Release

Morey’s Piers, in Wildwood, was awarded the Cumberland County Technical Education Center’s Business Partner of the Year Award Nov. 19.
The award, presented at the school’s Fall Program Advisory dinner meeting, recognized Morey’s Piers for establishing a new pilot program, which employed 10 high school students at the amusement park this past summer. Working in various areas across departments, from admissions to food service, the students developed customer-relation, problem-solving and networking skills.
“It was definitely rewarding,” said Nick Ebner, operations manager for Morey’s Piers. “The kids were always smiling and positive, and we were thrilled to hear about how much they learned during their time at the piers.”
One of the main goals of the program is to place students in a role that supports what they have learned in school. Charles Coant, a senior at the school, worked in the amusement park’s IT department, aligning closely with his course work.
“This was a great, hands-on experience,” said Coant. “I would definitely recommend it to other students.”
While the program helped fulfill a practical need for Morey’s Piers, which has 1,500 seasonal positions to fill yearly, it also achieved an important company value: being a good neighbor.
“In the end, the students were taught important life skills, experienced cooperative learning, made money, and had fun,” said Anthony Bermudez, cooperative education coordinator for the school. “It’s a wonderful program that we hope to continue for many years to come.”

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