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Bacharach Works to Relieve Symptoms of Chemotherapy Side Effects

Breast Cancer

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Cancer treatments can be challenging.
The side of effects of cancer treatment – cancer-related fatigue (CRF), chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy (CIRF), and post-surgical and reconstruction-related scarring are daunting surprises to cancer survivors.
CRF may cause a level of fatigue that makes daily tasks difficult. Survivors describe it as a feeling of overwhelming exhaustion that does not improve with rest.
Bacharach therapists offer treatments to reduce the effects. They use targeted stretching and strengthening, manual therapy, and gentle progressive resistance exercises.   
Chemotherapy can also cause numbness, tingling, pain, and weakness of the hands and feet. It can lead to difficulty walking, and impaired balance. It can also cause trouble with tasks such as typing, writing, or dressing.
Bacharach therapists offer balance and coordination activities, strengthening of the extremities and core, and strategies for developing visual balance cues to combat CIRF.
After cancer surgery, survivors may have limited motion, decreased strength, and scar tissue. With soft tissue and manual therapy, education, strengthening, and exercise, there can be improvements in function and mobility.
Bacharach has locations in Court House, Marmora, Ocean City North, and North Cape May. For more information, visit

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