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Sunday, May 19, 2024


Wildwood Launches Level 2 EV Chargers at Town Hall Municipal Complex

Blink EV Chargers at Wildwood Municipal Complex are accessible to the public and easy to use.

From the City of Wildwood

WILDWOOD – The City of Wildwood hits a milestone in its capital project to reduce utility spending on electricity with four operational EV Chargers on the southern side of City Hall (4500 New Jersey Avenue).

These chargers are accessible to the public and can be used by downloading the BLINK mobile app through the App Store or Google Play.

These four Level 2 chargers, which have a 240-volt electrical source are the first of a total of eight chargers, all of which have the capacity to be upgraded to Level 3 chargers, which use a 480-volt electrical source and charge at a faster pace.

“By installing EV chargers at City Hall, we’re not just supporting clean energy use in Wildwood,” said City Administrator, Steve O’Connor. “We’re also facilitating the use of electric vehicles and consequently lowering carbon emissions in our area.”

The City of Wildwood partnered with Geoscape Solar through the RFP process for its long-term energy transition which includes the EV chargers and two solar canopies that are currently under construction in the north and south lots of the Wildwood Municipal Complex.

Solar Canopies in North and South Lots of Wildwood Municipal Complex

“Adding carports will provide the City of Wildwood with renewable energy to power their complex, as well as shade from the hot summer sun for their visitors,” said Kevin Hamm, Senior Solar Adviser for Geoscape Solar. “It makes a huge statement about Wildwood’s long-term commitment to their business owners and residents.”

The City’s investment in clean energy will save the taxpayers $56,200 in annual electrical consumption costs.

Additionally, Geoscape Solar helped the city take maximum advantage of the solar incentives available to municipalities which include a $795,000 credit through the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities (NJBPU) over the span of 15 years, as well as a one-time direct payment of $600,000 under the Inflation Reduction Act, passed in 2022.

“The city also applied to Atlantic City Electric for monetary credits,” said City Administrator, Steve O’Connor. “The entire project was funded by the City’s Capital program.”

Overall, the 405kW solar canopy will generate roughly over 500,000-kilowatt-hours of clean electricity per year, which removes roughly 500,000 pounds of carbon dioxide from the air, plant 4,000 trees on our planet, and 600,000 miles driven on our roads.

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