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Tuesday, April 23, 2024


Wildwood Civic Club 2024 Scholarship Applications Now Available

From the Wildwood Civic Club

Education, leadership, and community service are the hallmarks of the Wildwood Civic Club as this incredible group continues to make a difference in the lives of others. Organized in 1912, the dedicated women of the Wildwood Civic Club, have focused on giving, creating opportunities, and shaping cooperation with people and organizations that enrich our locale.

The Wildwood Civic Club offers financial and in-kind support. Members organize and offer backing for much needed community programs such as CARA, Lazarus House, Boardwalk Basketball Classic, Cape May County Zoo, VIM, John Walter Band, local and area Food Banks, Free Lunch programs … to name a few.

This month, the Wildwood Civic Club announced that Applications for its 2024 Scholarship Program are now available. All graduating seniors are urged to contact their High School Counselor or Academic Advisor and submit their application for one of these prestigious scholarship awards. Eligibility requirements are outlined in the Application which must be completed and submitted by April 12, 2024

The highlight of the summer at the Jersey Shore is the annual Wildwood Baby Parade organized and sponsored by the Wildwood Civic Club. Overseeing the 2024 festivities will be Queen Oceania and her Court … young women who embody the spirit of the Wildwoods and selected for their poise, education, positive personality and as role models to their peers. As Wildwood Ambassadors, applicants demonstrate responsibly, leadership, and pride in our community. More information about the Wildwood Baby Parade and planned summer activities will follow in the coming months.

If you are the type of person who is curious but not judgmental, strives to seek solutions to problems and enjoys serving the community, then perhaps you would find working with the women of the Wildwood Civic Club personally rewarding. For more information about becoming part of this outstanding organization or its Scholarship Program, email WCC Education Chair, Valerie … … or call us at 609 846 1209.

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