Friday, December 1, 2023

The Real ‘America’s Team’

By Joe Murphy, Town Bank

To the Editor:

With the NFL season underway an unpleasant itch always stays when the media and Cowboys call out themselves as “America’s Team.” They are not. CBS gave them this moniker so CBS should show some balance.

The Cowboys are a Dallas, Texas, team only. If any team can make the claim it would be the Eagles, the American symbol. Dallas has one star in absence of the other 49. The USA was born in Philadelphia. Our first flag was made here. The Declaration of Independence was written and its adoption was here. The writing of the U.S. Constitution was written in Philadelphia. Our first Continental Congress met in Philadelphia with its first president, John Hancock, being elected by the Congress. When Lance Armstrong stepped onto the moon, he didn’t say, “The cowboy has landed.” He said, “The eagle has landed!”

What do Dallas or the Cowboys have to show matching these facts? They only show off egotistical PR bravado. Let the winner carry the true moniker. I only care about beating Dallas.


Town Bank

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