Friday, December 1, 2023

The Answer’s Not Blowin’ in the Wind

By Tim Donohue, Court House

To the Editor:

Kudos to the diverse group of organizations, led by Cape May County, that contributed to Orsted abandoning its massive wind power projects off our precious coastline. As in any good fight, this effort was about a relentless pursuit and exposure of the truth. By refusing to accept and rubber stamp the established narrative, a brave coalition of state, county and local officials, supported by the marine business community and the true environmentalists, punctured the conspiracy of lies fostered by Big Wind and the Green Industrial Complex, an international cartel that can only turn a profit on backs of the American taxpayers.

We all want a sustainable, clean environment. Any honest appraisal of wind energy proves that the model is neither clean nor sustainable and would have little to no positive effect on the alleged impacts of climate change.

I knew we had a chance of winning this fight when my friends in the environmental movement began to listen to the truth and do their own homework, even as many of them were scorned and attacked by “name brand” environmental groups. These groups were paid off to be silent by Big Wind as our waters are polluted, our fisheries threatened, marine mammals die and migratory birds are slaughtered. Evidence abounds from all over the world, from Hawaii, to Maine, to the North Sea and beyond.

Big Wind is about one thing – big profits gleaned on the backs of huge government subsidies. They couldn’t care less about the environment. This victory will reverberate globally and energize small communities around the world that have, until now, felt hopeless in their own efforts to protect their local economies, their environment and their way of life.

Orsted’s decision to abandon our coast was driven by many factors, but don’t doubt it was catalyzed by the bold and innovative battle strategies implemented right here in Cape May County. I applaud the leadership of Director Desiderio and the brains and tenacity of former NJ Superior Court Judge Michael John Donohue, who assembled this multi-interested crew, built this ship of defiance and steered it through windy waters to victory. The fight goes on…. first they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.


Court House

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