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Saturday, July 20, 2024


Suspicious Packages in Cape May Ruled Not a Hazard

Suspicious Packages in Cape May Ruled Not a Hazard

By Herald Staff

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CAPE MAY – A suspicious package discovered near the end of the Washington Street Mall on Monday, July 8, was determined to “not be a hazard” after investigation by the Cape May Office of Emergency Management, the Atlantic City Bomb Squad and other agencies.

According to a press release issued by the OEM on Tuesday, July 9, the Cape May Police Department was notified at around 5:29 p.m. Monday of a package left alone near Washington Street and Ocean Avenue.

Officers arrived and determined the package met the criteria for a suspicious package and immediately set up a safe area, asking civilians to move away from the area while an investigation was conducted. Police Sgt. Anthony Genaro confirmed the officers’ initial findings and requested a response by the Fire Department and the Cape May County Sheriff’s Office.

Genaro and Cape May Fire Department Lt. Edward Zebrowski jointly took charge of the scene, increased the size of the safe area around the package and cleared nearby stores of all civilians. They sought assistance from Cape May County Health Department’s Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear and Explosives Unit and the Atlantic City Bomb Squad for further evaluation.

While conducting a search of the area police located a separate package nearby that was similar in description to the first package. The safe area was further expanded, and K-9 units from the Cape May County Sheriff’s Office performed a sweep of the nearby pedestrian mall.

The Cape May OEM and Cape May Fire Police assisted with crowd and traffic control as well as supplementing the command staff for the incident.

After the Atlantic City Bomb Squad arrived, they examined the packages and had an officer do further investigation. The investigation deemed both packages to not be a hazard, and the scene was declared safe.

Cape May Police Detective Kelley Shustack was assigned to lead a further investigation.

The police and fire departments wished to thank the person who reported the package and remind everyone of the importance of “See something, say something.” The OEM said citizens and visitors are often the first to identify hazards, and their vigilance helps keep the community safe. More information on New Jersey’s “See something, say something” campaign can be found at

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