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Friday, May 17, 2024


Support Community Colleges

By James Aumack, Cape May

To the Editor:

Community colleges are an incredible asset to our community. They provide an opportunity for those students that are struggling with the decision to continue their formal education or seek other lifelong opportunities to earn a living.

High schools are really an extension of elementary schools, offering more difficult and extensive opportunities in math, language arts and science understanding. Community colleges extend this learning opportunity. They provide time to continue to mature and decide if continuing on two more years of intensive learning in the effort to earn a college degree and actually a lifelong direction is in their best interest.

They have to decide if these extra hard and expensive learning years are worth their time and effort. Will they payoff in increased earning power over their lifetime? This is really the question that every student has to find the answer to. What’s right for them!

If you’ve had to have your car repaired lately or had almost any repairman come to your home for almost anything, you’ll soon see what direction I’m going in. Trade schools are just as beneficial as a college education and in some situations, even more so. Not everybody is able to spend a lifetime in a white shirt, and a jacket and tie. There are those among us that have the ability to build, repair, update and support all of the elements that make America what it is today and most of them do not have a college education.

As an educator, I support those institutions that provide young people with real choices … and community colleges provide that opportunity. Support and fund them!


Cape May

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