Friday, September 22, 2023

Stone Harbor Museum Presents This Year’s Risley Award Winners

From Bob Ashman, SH Museum Trustee

STONE HARBOR – Six years ago, the Stone Harbor Museum presented its first Risley Award, which honors a Stone Harbor resident who embodies the vision and dedication of the Risley Brothers, the founders of Stone Harbor.

The 2023 Risley Award was presented to Marlene & Stan Casper.

Marlene and Stan are 57-year residents of Stone Harbor, a small family-oriented town. They have devoted their time and efforts to developing and improving public and private services and supporting all community organizations. Stone Harbor is better as a result of their efforts.

A special thank you to all sponsors, donors, attendees, and volunteer workers who helped make the 2023 Stone Harbor Museum Tour Through Time Fundraising Gala successful this year. The funds raised will help the Stone Harbor Museum accomplish its mission.

The Stone Harbor Museum’s Mission is to acquire, preserve, display, celebrate, and promote archives and artifact items relevant to the development of Stone Harbor’s unique heritage and to delight, inspire, and educate the present and future generations about the story of Stone Harbor.

The museum’s is to be an inviting, informative, and innovative community resource that is recognized and respected as the place for exploring and celebrating the rich cultural heritage of Stone Harbor, NJ. It is a registered non-profit open to the public free of charge at 9410 Second Ave.

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