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Sunday, July 21, 2024


Sea the Future – More than Just a Preschool

A scene from the massive playground space at Sea the Future.

Herald Staff

MARMORA – Sea the Future Learning Center, nestled on Route 9 in the small community of Marmora in Upper Township, is a beautiful, expansive preschool facility that has been providing quality education to the many children of Cape May and Atlantic County for the past 8 years.

At first glance from the street the school looks to be a nominal property, as the original building is a historic old schoolhouse, but once inside the facility it becomes clear, and rather quickly, that this sprawling space includes so much more. With over a half-acre of playground space there is plenty to do here at Sea the Future. The massive grounds hold not just the typical playground equipment you will see at a traditional school, but more than that, it contains a bike path for exercise activity, a splash pad utilized during those hot summer months and finally over 6,000 square feet of stunning AstroTurf for the kids to play on.

Most recently in 2023, Sea the Future completed a substantial addition to the property that included the construction of a brand new 10,000sq ft building complete with 6 new modern classrooms and activity space for indoor activity and play. Each classroom is equipped with the latest educational resources which include interactive smartboards that bring the old bygone chalkboard back to life. Looking ahead, this new space will allow the school to offer additional avenues of education as it relates to music, art, dance and theater, creating a truly one of a kind learning experience.

Back in the classroom, Michelle and her team of dedicated teachers like Ms. Colleen, Ms. Laura, Ms. Jess, Ms. Brooke, Ms. Abby and many more utilize the up-to-date technology to help mold the children intellectually while doing so in a manner that provides for a fun filled environment. Parents can stay connected with the staff through the Bright Wheel App which allows the teacher to keep parents updated on daily activities and milestones. With a low turnover rate – 4 teachers have been with the school since its inception – the students are able to “see the same faces each day” which provides continuity and a familiarity that fosters a trust between staff and students and parents alike.

A “bike path” lets kids ride around freely on bikes and “cars.”

With Summer comes Summer Camps and the opportunity to participate in theme-based camps focused on fun activities catered to childhood favorites like Barbie Camp and Sports Camp, Dinosaur Camp and Space Camp and the ever-popular Wild West camp that includes ponies. This summer, with the expanded facilities, they will be able to offer more activities for the older siblings ages 5 to 10 in the form of pop-up camps like “Calling all Swifties” Dance Camp, and Pop-Up Art Camp where skills such as sewing and the use of the Circuit supply machine will be taught.

Kids love classroom time at Sea the Future because they are constantly engaged with new ideas, toys, games, and educational activities.

Beyond the classroom, Sea the Future offers a variety of activities and events to further the opportunity to learn in remote settings as well. They have partnered with many of the community businesses and offer field trips to local establishments such as the Cape May County Zoo, the Stone Harbor Movie Theater, the Cape May County Libraries and many more. The school is very proud of its relationships with these community of supporters, and with each passing year, more and more families can experience and grow within this vibrant community.

In summary, Sea the Future is more than just a preschool. It is a place where children can learn and grow, develop people skills and intellect, and most importantly have a great time doing so, all while making enough childhood memories to last a lifetime.

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