Friday, December 1, 2023

Sea Isle City’s 2023 Beautification Award Winners Announced

From Sea Isle City
Accented with flowers, images of angels, and gingerbread trim, the diminutive “Pink Cherub House” at 8409 East Landis Avenue was among the eight homes that received a 2023 Beautification Award.

From Sea Isle City

SEA ISLE CITY – The members of Sea Isle City’s Environmental Commission recently announced the winners of their 2023 Beautification Awards, which are presented annually to local properties (businesses or private homes) that have shown improvement in their overall appearance and/or have maintained an attractive exterior.

To help determine the winners each year, the Environmental Commission accepts nominations from residents and visitors alike – and from property owners themselves.

Each of this year’s winning properties is a private residence, and each winner received a custom-made plaque from the Environmental Commission. Each winner also received a gift certificate, courtesy of Sea Grove Nursery in Ocean View and the Environmental Commission.

Admired for its beautiful landscaping and immaculate appearance, the Choi home at 6100 Landis Avenue received the Sea Isle City Environmental Commission’s 2023 Endless Beauty Award. Photo Credit: Sea Isle City

The property owners who received 2023 Beautification Awards are (alphabetically):

  • Sue & Walter Bowen, 126 52nd Street
  • Kim & Bill Gregory, 7501 Pleasure Avenue (west unit)
  • Merrill & George Harbeson, 3702 Central Avenue
  • Jeannine O’Connor, 8409 East Landis Avenue
  • Anita & Matt O’Connor, 5 80th Street
  • Claire & Marty Ryan, 130 80th Street (east unit)
  • Nora & Francis Smith, 211 67th Street (south unit)
  • Sandy & Mark Szilagyi, 8001 Roberts Avenue

In addition to eight Beautification Awards, each year the Environmental Commission also distributes an “Endless Beauty Award” to a property that has received a Beautification Award in the past and has subsequently maintained the overall appearance of their property for at least twenty (20) years.

The 2023 Endless Beauty Award went to Doctor and Mrs. Jong Choi, owners of 6100 Landis Avenue – a property that features beautiful gardens and a manicured front lawn.

According to Environmental Commission member Dudley McGinty, who organizes the annual Beautification Awards, 75 properties were nominated for awards this year.

Shown recently during a ceremony on the Promenade are seven of the eight property owners who received 2023 Beautification Awards from Sea Isle City’s Environmental Commission.

“We received about 30% more nominations in 2023 than in 2022, because this year we instituted an online process that allowed people to nominate properties digitally – and that helped increase the number of nominations we received,” said Mr. McGinty. “It took many hours to complete the judging process this year because of the high number of applications – and because there were so many beautiful properties to choose from. However, we appreciate all of the people who nominated homes and all of the homeowners in Sea Isle who do a great job making our town beautiful.”

To view photos of this year’s Beautification Awards Ceremony and each of the winning properties, please go to and click the “Photo Gallery” link at the bottom of the home page.

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