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Wednesday, July 24, 2024


Re: The Left in Our School Systems

By Theresa Peters, North Wildwood

To the Editor:

I attended a conference concerning God’s blessing on America. To my shock and dismay, keynote speakers shared incredible firsthand experiences of the inner workings of the left in our school systems, not to mention our government.

School board members and teachers shared some of the ways third graders are taught sexually explicit material with visual aids. They are taught about homosexuality and transgender, and about bias rhetoric. This is done not to inform, but to indoctrinate. Who would’ve thought this would be taught in America’s school systems, not to mention universities?

Woke-led colleges target students with their Marxist ideology.

Are we to stand by and passively put our heads in the sand, hoping all turns out well?

We also learned that over 1 million children are trafficked for the sex trade every year. Can I ignore child trafficking?

Our society has been taken hostage by an evil agenda. We need to understand that if anything is to change it starts with the family. We must take a stand in our little community, the place where the good Lord has us. Parents need to attend meetings and have a voice for their children. Know what your children are being taught. You have entrusted them into the hands of strangers. Know what their curriculum values.


North Wildwood

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