Friday, December 1, 2023

Cape Issues Route 55 Survey Results

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By Cape Issues

Over the past month, the Herald has run two articles from the Cape Issues group about the incomplete status of Route 55. The Herald also asked its readers to complete a short survey to gather public opinion about Route 55.  

The survey results, while based on a small number of responses, showed a large public preference (76%) that the highway be completed from the current terminus in Port Elizabeth to its link with the Garden State Parkway in Middle Township.   

The stated reasons for completion included highway safety, evacuation, sea level rise, economic development, and pollution reduction.  

The negative responses (24%) cited the impact on the environment, overdevelopment in Cape May County, cost, and the need to improve existing roads/enforce speed limits. 

In addition to the survey results, one of the Cape Issues articles was shared by the Politics and Promises in Upper Township and Cape May County Facebook page. The page’s owner is Barbara Murphy-Leary, who is also a member of Cape Issues. The post resulted in 31 comments summarized as follows: 

  • Needs to be completed 

  • Environmental concerns 

  • Rebuild Route 9 bridge at Beesley’s Point 

  • There is plenty of warning for evacuations 

  • Who has a financial interest in completing Route 55 

Since the Board of County Commissioners have endorsed completion of the highway by resolution in 2021 and state Sen. Michael Testa has asked the state Department of Transportation in April 2022 to add the highway to its project list, Cape Issues, again, calls on the South Jersey Transportation Planning Organization (SJTPO) and the state to take seriously the results of the most recent SJTPO study and add Route 55 to their Transportation Improvements Project list. 

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