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Wednesday, July 24, 2024


Police Academy Grads Bolster MTPD Ranks

Middle Township Mayor Christopher Leusner, center, and Police Department leadership, right, welcome seven new officers.

From Middle Township

A packed house of families, supporters and fellow officers attended the June 7th graduation of Class #56 from the Cape May County Police Academy. The Middle Township Police Department was well-represented with five full-time officers and two Class II officers successfully completing the rigorous training requirements.

The Mission of the Academy is to achieve excellence in performance through quality education, physical fitness, discipline, and integrity. The 21 week, 840 hour Residential Basic Course for Police Officers and the 460 hour Special Police Officer Class Two program includes courses in professionalism, ethics, the criminal justice system, the criminal and motor vehicle laws, laws of arrest, search and seizure, interviews, confessions and Miranda, traffic enforcement, narcotics, criminal investigations, juvenile law, physical training, unarmed defense, emergency response, weaponry, stress management, water rescue and community relations.

“Police Departments across the country have struggled maintaining staffing levels in the past few years.” Middle Township Mayor Chris Leusner said. “I’m proud of our department’s forward-thinking efforts to recruit and advance top-quality candidates who meet the high standards for continued excellence demanded by the MTPD.”

Two Middle Township graduates received special recognition during the ceremony. Patrolman Joshua Moyer was chosen as President of Class #56. Moyer also received the award for Academic Excellence. Patrolman Ty Petit earned the Sharpshooter Award for top cumulative score on the firearms range.

“The challenging and comprehensive training provided by the Cape May County Police Academy demands commitment and excellence of every candidate for graduation,” MTPD Police Chief Jennifer Pooler said. “These graduates come to us prepared to confidently face the complex challenges of modern-day law enforcement. We welcome them to the MTPD family and expect them to carry on our commitment to protect and serve the people of Middle Township with honor and integrity.”

Middle Township Police Department Class #56 Graduates
Full-Time Officers

Michael Bailey

Wilson Laraquente

Joshua Moyer

Ty Petit

Daniel Wright

Officers Receiving Class II Certification

Owen Bryan

Zachary Linz

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