Friday, December 1, 2023

Parking in Wildwood

By Al Brannen / Wildwood

To the Editor:

Street parking in Wildwood is becoming a problem both for residents and tourists. This past weekend, during the Firemen Convention, there was no parking to be had. I know this is one of our biggest conventions, but it happens on most weekends, too.

The Wildwood Planning and Zoning Board is giving away street parking without looking at the problems caused for years to come. The private parking lots are being sold for development. Look at the block where St. Ann’s school was. A full block, yet Planning and Zoning Board members took away about 30 metered parking spaces on the street. Even approving short driveways that require you to leave the garage doors to be left open and park halfway in so as not to block the sidewalk and get a ticket.

There is a lot of building going on in Wildwood. Please call the mayor, commissioners, and planning board members and tell them to look to the future. They are there to protect the city and its residents and not the developers before it is too late. Check for the Planning Board meetings and attend.



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