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Wednesday, April 24, 2024


Stay Positive

By Adeline White, Villas

To the Editor: 


I know the world is in turmoil right now with everything that is happening, but please try to stay positive. It will make a big difference to you and anyone around you.  

Each day when you get up, look outside. Maybe a little bird is chirping or a beautiful cloud in the sky flowers. God put all this on Earth for us to enjoy.  

Everyday, I thank God for what I have. It may not be much, but it’s a lot more than some people have.  

When I am out and about, I always smile and say hello to everyone I pass. Who knows, maybe they are having a bad day and my smile and greeting may help. Let’s try to be nicer to our brothers and sisters. It’s not that hard. 

Please try to remember when you see the homeless and people who have a drug or alcohol problem that you don’t know what has caused them to be this way. Do not judge less you be judged. 

God bless and keep you all. 

– Adeline White, Villas

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