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Rethink Dune System

Letters to the Editor 2019

By Stanley Kisielewski, North Wildwood

To the Editor: 
Our family has owned a home on East 14th Avenue in North Wildwood for nearly 75 years. We chose to build a home on a barrier island at our own risk. Decisions made by those in charge have changed the landscape, with the impending construction of the dunes. How have things changed to reduce the size of the beach?

  1. Built Kennedy Boulevard
  2. Have a bike and pedestrian path along the beach
  3. Building a massive dune system in height and width

All of the above were once the beach. Don’t spend large amounts of money to try to prevent damage, which we, as a family, accepted and understood the risk of when we chose to build in North Wildwood. We have options to protect ourselves, such as personal prep and flood insurance.
I was watching a documentary about the 1962 storm. One of the biggest problems in the recovery then was not the wind or water damage, but the sand, which a dune system would add. The cleanup of sand was a major task. They could pump the water, but not water and sand.
As a boating family, I have been puzzled that the federal government and the state have not cared for Hereford Inlet and have allowed it to fill in with sand to the point it is no longer useful. One day, because of the filling with sand, I think I will be able to walk to Stone Harbor.
My thoughts to those in charge: Stop and think about what you are doing. Almost 75 years have passed since, as a family, we were willing to build in North Wildwood, knowing the risks that storms might come. Let us be responsible for the choice we made.
The massive dunes take away any view of the ocean without a plane. Getting to the beach is a real challenge for the young and especially for the old.
Watching TV ads for tourism in Florida, South America, the Caribbean, etc., you never see them create such a dune system. Is there any evidence that it is worth the expense and effort? As homeowners, we have to take responsibility for the choices we have made.

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