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Our Readers Write 5.10.2006


Helpers Aid Fall Victim
To The Editor:
I had the misfortune to fall in the street on the 3300 block of Atlantic Avenue, Wildwood, due to the continuing paving.
Several people came to help me. Two gentlemen literally picked me up so I would not put too much pressure on my knee. A woman and gentleman from Tucker’s Inn couldn’t do enough for me.
Another woman, Theresa Hunter, stayed with me until someone came for me. When the EMT’s arrived Patrolman Toffoli came and he was with me the entire time. I can’t thank all of those people enough. There are good people out there and I found them.
Wildwood Crest
Belts Could
Spare Much
TO The Editor:
 To the spouter about the “Seat Belt” laws in our state. My response is as follows.
As a registered nurse, I was working in the emergency room of a hospital in north Jersey, situated near a major highway.
Late one afternoon, there was a major collision on that highway. The victim’s car had been “rear-ended” by a speeding sports car, pushing the front of their vehicle up and onto the traffic divider.
We received two of the accident victims. One female adult and child had been on that highway without seat belts. The initial impact had crushed the driver against the steering wheel, and halfway through the windshield to her waist where she was literally cut in half.
The child’s head and body went through the windshield and onto the hood of the car. I have never seen such carnage in my life. I shall never forget that experience.
Perhaps cars should be made so that the driver will not be able to start the ignition unless the seat belts are in use.
North Cape May
Wildwood’s Turned Into ‘A Sad Place’
To The Editor:
 I have been gong to West Wildwood even before I was born, 65 years. I was walking along Pacific Avenue remembering all the traffic, laughter and hearing the music from the corner nightspot.
We used to wait for the music to start to play and dance on the street. We weren’t old enough to go in. Remembering all the families shopping for the last minute beach supplies, you could go into any of the five and ten cent stores to get what you needed not only for the beach but clothing and home supplies.
What a sad place now. First they closed the street little by little. The stores were closing now they opened the street to drive down, but there is nothing to see or shops.
For those who live in the area it must be a nightmare, not even a drug store or a food store.
You have to go over to 26th Avenue to Super Fresh. After food shopping, how to you get your groceries home with no transportation? Not every one old and young can afford a cab. What were thy thinking? When will they bring Wildwood City back to life? Not everyone is able to go off shore to shop.
West Wildwood
(ED. Note: The Wildwood Acme is preparing to reopen on Park Boulevard. Chain drug stores are located on New Jersey Avenue and on Atlantic Avenue.)
Hello, Customer Service? Hello, Hello
To The Editor:
“For the wrath of man does not work out the righteousness of God.” James 1:20.
I just had to learn that lesson recently. How about you? Confession is good for the soul.
The salesman would not return my money. This was the second time I’d been to the cell phone store to get a wire to download pictures from my camera phone.
The first time the connector plug wouldn’t fit the phone. This time, the wire fit the phone but the program had no way to download pictures. They looked at it and said, “Oh, this is the wrong one for your phone.”
No apologies, nothing. “Do you want us to order the right one?” “No, just give me my money back.” “We can’t do that, store policy is a store credit. The new one will take about week and a half.”
“Just give me my money or I’ll call a cop, you’re stealing my 50 bucks.” “Can’t do that, here is a store credit. Oh wait, I can give you your money back less a re-stocking charge.”
“But it was your fault, I showed you your Verizon phone and you gave me the wrong wire.”
“I wasted hours trying to make it work, it just won’t. I’ll be talking to the manager about this.” I later found out he was the manager.
I grabbed the store credit and drive off in a Huff with smoke coming out of my ears. (I drive a 1959 Huff-mobile) What ever happened to the customer is always right?
There’s Irony in Letter
To The Editor:
I read a letter to the editor in the April 19 Herald in which a South Dennis resident, Michael Donohue, discussed how to reduce the cost of state government.
Utter nonsense, if for no other reason than nobody’s taxes have been raised.
There is great irony in Donohue’s position of reducing the cost of government by “pursuing deep cuts in our bloated state government.”
Here we have quadruple dipper Donohue, who has four municipal government jobs, Stone Harbor solicitor and prosecutor for Lower Township, Avalon, and Stone Harbor, the salaries of which are paid by the taxpayers.  It’s difficult, therefore, to digest Donohue’s cost of government rant when he is asking the taxpayers in four Cape May County towns to shoulder the burden of his four salaries.
It makes one wonder how the mayors of the four towns feel about having a quadruple dipper on their payrolls.
It’s also not a reach to suggest that perhaps Donohue has his eye on the prosecutor’s or solicitor’s job in his hometown where, incidentally, he is the Republican Party leader.  Which begs the question, is he simply playing politics with the cost of government and hot-button property tax issues?
He should be candid. The Herald’s readers deserve to know from him, not me, about his four government jobs and his political leadership position. It’s called full disclosure and would put his mean-spirited comments in the context they deserve.
Our Readers Write
A Problem Shared Is One Halved
To The Editor:
My wife is handicapped and I try my best to be her care taker. Being a retired truck driver makes me ill suited for the job. I really give it my best shot, beginning every day with a prayer and a positive attitude. At times it becomes difficult to say the least.
Recently three angels came to our home, Maria Nastasi a registered nurse, Tom Woods a physical therapist and Peggy Conwell, a social worker. They were sent to us by the county Health Department in Court House (465-1200).
I remember someone saying, “A problem shared is a problem halved,” and since these professionals have been in touch with us, I feel really invigorated. The feeling of tackling our problems at home between my wife and me seem so much more easily handled. I don’t feel so helpless.
They seem to know what questions to ask her, what suggestions to make to us both, what exercises she needs, what food I should give her.
Peggy suggested that I “get lost” for about two hours while she fed my wife and helped her get her bath. I used the time to run some errands and I actually stopped and had a cup of coffee in a restaurant without the feeling that I shouldn’t be wasting time sitting and drinking coffee.
Thanks to anyone connected to this valuable service the Department of Health is rendering. I really appreciate everything they have done for us and they make my day when they schedule us for visits. I know we won’t be on our own next week.

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