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Letters to the Editor 3.8.2006


Many Churches Don’t Preach Cure to Life’s Woes
To  The Editor:
Can sin be eliminated? Is it possible to be holy? Heaven is for holy people — no sin allowed. Where do we find holiness?
Doctors and hospitals cure sickness; schools cure ig-norance; the government and welfare cure poverty; the Environmental Protection Agency cures pollution; the law cures crime. But who cures sin?
Didn’t God have a plan? Didn’t Calvary’s cross solve this problem by curing sin? Was Jesus wrong?
If Heaven is for sinless perfection, where do we find it?
A month after a Billy Graham campaign in Baltimore, the editor of the Baltimore Sun printed an editorial in which he stated, “Billy Graham has come and gone, and 10,000 have been converted; yet the crime rate of Balti-more has not changed. We wonder how 120 could be converted in Jerusalem and change the whole world, yet 10,000 could not change Baltimore?”
I wonder the same thing. Did we lose something? Can the church go back and find it? Sin was our problem that Jesus came to solve.
Has the church learned to live with the problem in-stead of preaching the cure?
West Cape May
Our Readers Write
Condo ‘Perils’ Need New Insurance Aid
To  The Editor:
 The problems with the new condo construction in Cape May County and particularly, the Wildwoods, is becoming a “crisis.”
The buildings are built and sold; inspections are made by home inspectors, bank appraisers, professionals and construction officials only to find much later the buyer bought a lemon, a pig in a poke! So what’s to do?
Years ago, I proposed to the NJ Department of Insur-ance an outline for a condominium “Bridge Endorse-ment” to insurers to sell to condo owners and associa-tion. This endorsement concept is not a new invention. The “Difference in Conditions” endorsement – provision in a lot of policies expands coverage when older policies are replaced by new versions or when multiple policies cover the same risk.
I have served on two state insurance boards and have promoted and successfully lobbied for insurance legisla-tion in New Jersey and New York as well.
The concept is flexible enough to include coverage for design flaws, condo unit’s owners’ coverage for assess-ment for code upgrades or violation corrections and a host of other areas which are seen by insurance compa-nies as “grey areas” (questionable enough to deny cover-age).
The endorsement would or could include dollar limits for each “peril.”  Would nearly every condo buyer want it?  Would nearly every banking institution demand it? Would it relieve this current problem?” Sure.
All it takes is the will of the department, the greed of insurers to sell another product, the banks and Realtors to learn more about what they are getting a buyer into and the buyer who, alas, has to pony up the additional pre-mium dollars – Simple? Simple, no. Needed desperately.
Insurance Professional and Senior Public Adjuster
Polar Plunge
Was Biggest
In 12 Years
To The Editor:
 The 2006 Polar Bear Plunge was a fabulous success. The concept behind the event is to attract visitors to Sea Isle City during Presidents’ Weekend. The plunge did that and more – it brought a great deal of enjoyment and family fun to residents and visitors, and it showed visitors that Sea Isle City is ready to welcome them year round.
We had the largest number of participants and spectators in the 12 years since the inception of the plunge – and everything went smoothly.
We could not have done it without the support and assistance of many people, including you and your personnel. The very attractive ad in The Herald played an important part in our success.
The Tourism Commission thanks you and invites you to join us for the 14th Polar Bear Plunge on Feb. 17, 2007.
Sea Isle City
Our Readers Write
Grande Center
Boosts Rio Area
To The Editor:
I would like to comment on Sam Kelly’s letter in your newspaper Feb. 22.
Kelly stated that no one can believe that the devel-opment underway in Middle Township is a good thing. He further states that little or nothing will benefit the local community and further states that Rio Grande will be a total gridlock.
The Grande Center Mall development was an as-semblage of over 32 properties. The area was targeted by the State of New Jersey specifically for develop-ment because the area was neglected and a terrible eyesore.
Now, we have a highly successful shopping center and one of the highest tax producing revenue genera-tors in Middle Township. I do not believe that every-one shares Kelly’s opinion.
The shopping center lowered the winter unemploy-ment by 10 percentage points. It not only provided much-needed stores but gainful employment for over 1,000 people.
The super Wawa, which is part of our development, actually caused the gas prices to lower in the entire area because the other gas stations have to compete with Wawa.
Kelly says that the Grande Center closed up the mini mart in Green Creek and gone are the tasty little hoa-gies. How could our shopping center cause a mini market in Green Creek who is selling hoagies to close? We do not even have any food service stores in our shopping center such as the ones Kelly pointed out.
As far as K-Mart going the way of Sears, Kelly must not be informed, Sears owns K-Mart. K-Mart filed for bankruptcy several years ago and not because of our new center. Their demise was years in the making. Kelly is further totally misinformed about affordable housing credits. He does not understand that this pro-ject must provide affordable senior housing as part of its approval which is state mandated.
The approved senior project is replacing an ugly derelict eyesore that has been lying dormant for years. It is going to be replaced with an age-restricted com-munity, which is highly beneficial to the Township of Middle and its citizens.
The project does not have any children in school, which I believe is 65 percent of the township budget. The senior project would pay its taxes for the schools but have no children attending them.
The project further would take care of its own trash removal and would require a limited amount of police protection. As far as a shiny red fire truck for the Rio Grande firefighters, we are happy we could provide one or help the firefighters.
Kelly goes on to state that we have a density of over 15 units per acre which is absolutely unacceptable for this area. The New Jersey State Plan, which use was pointed out by our planner even called for a much higher density.
Garden State Race Track in Cherry Hill, which is being redeveloped with the same type housing, has approximately 20 units per acre. We are 15 or 25 per-cent less.
As far as traffic, we are constructing the new by pass road and a traffic signal approximately three-quarters of a mile from Route 9 and Route 47 at a cost of over $1 million without taxpayer money.
Isn’t the traffic congestion caused by an influx of 300,000 people in the summer? Are we to be blamed for that also?
I feel very proud at what has been accomplished in Rio Grande. Evidently the citizens likewise are in agreement because of the success of the shopping cen-ter.
I guess in Kelly’s view the better thing would be to leave a derelict old concrete plant in place, which could be reopened, or to shop in a tired old K-Mart rather than a new beautiful shopping center with great stores and values for the public.
There is an old saying, “There are two sides to a story.” This is mine.
Mount Laurel
Who Knows What Is Truth and What Isn’t?
To The Editor:
Those old sayings are truer today than ever before. Follow the money, read between the lines, and in the modern vernacular “it isn’t what it is.” Is there any-thing real in life? Like the hamburger commercial many years ago – “where’s the beef”? A prime time program swears that the spin stops here – really.
It appears that things have gotten so bad that who knows what truth is and what it isn’t.
When you hear the words a “study will be con-ducted” look out because it will be part of an existen-tialist philosophy – “being in nothingness” or to put another way – the results are zero. There seems to be more bull than all the bulls can do, or is that do-do!
The “truth hurts,” well – maybe that is way we find it difficult to find substance and meaning. The fluff is not monopolized by any profession, even though speaking of a monopoly the law and medical profes-sions appear to have made their industries other than a monopoly.
Take the issue of “free trade” being trumpeted by the powers to be in this country. It is good for “our interest”.
Excuse me; the moving of jobs outside our border is good for our interest? Remember the saying “What is good for General Motors is good for the country”. Well things don’t look very good for General Motors.
Speaking of free trade and the global economy, why is it against the law to purchase medicine north or south of the borders? Is it “free trade” except? Then there are the lawyers who have a monopoly on gov-ernment. Language of legalese over plain talk and common sense. It is all so confusing!
Let’s not forget the political spin-doctors on both sides of the aisle. I “didn’t have sex with that women” and “I didn’t know the ports are being operated by a foreign government”. Whether it is a Billy Willy or a Gorgy porgy – one thing is true – it isn’t what it is!
Remember our former governor that stepped down because of his sexual orientation?  We all know that it had nothing to do with his use of the password “Ma-chiavelli” to a north Jersey farmer who wanted prefer-ential treatment, or maybe the former governor was giving the wealthy farmer a course in political science 101.
Gov. Mc was a victim of an identity crisis or a can-didate for indictment?
The media, religious, fraternal and social organiza-tions all play the fluffy duff game as good as the best of them. Is the public really that dumb? Or is it the “Me, Me” in all of us to justify the ends by the distor-tion of the means?
The news programs 20/20 and 60 Minutes have in-vestigated everything over the years. But have never discovered the truth?
We have studies on studies. The studies begin when there is money and die a natural death when the money dries up. The one thing for sure is that Cox Hall Creek, Route 55, Court House by-pass etc. have been studied over and over and the only results are pockets full of money for those that do the studies.
Maybe ethics, morality, citizenship and integrity are like the Wizard of Oz when the curtain is pulled. A real show but no substance! Maybe 16th Century political philosopher Machiavelli had it right. “Power and inter-est” The truth is that simple.
No wonder there have been so many philosophers, historians and theologians searching for the elusive truth since the beginning of humanity. They say the “truth hurts.” Does it? Why take the pain!
So let’s in the words of Humphrey Bogart in Casa-blanca “Play it again Sam” or is that “spin it again?”
Town Bank
To The Editor:
 Brain, injuries still remain one of the most pre-ventable causes of developmental disabilities.
Helmet laws in New Jersey have been helping chil-dren prevent brain injuries since 1992, when our state became the first to require helmets for bicycle, roller-skate and skateboard riders 14 years old and younger.
Since then the state has seen a 60 percent decrease in the number of brain injuries for young bike riders, roller skaters, and skateboarders.
Thanks to new legislation, the age requirement will be raised to under 17 years old.
The act was signed into law by former Gov. Richard Codey as Chapter 208, Public Laws of 2005, and went into effect March 1.
The Arc of New Jersey/Coalition for Prevention of Developmental Disabilities, along with nearly 20 other organizations, have been instrumental in enacting the bike helmet law and is committed to promoting their use.
Through the “Wheels Under Your Feet? Helmet on Your Head!” Coalition, signs were designed and mailed to bicycle stores across the state.
Now, parents need to model such behavior in their own leisure time activity, whether it be bicycling, skateboarding, or roller-skating.
Personal responsibility for one’s own safety and be-havior is an important life choice, and young people can have a better role model than their parents.
If you have further questions about the new helmet law, please visit www.njsaferoads .com/bike.html.
Chair, Prevention Committee
The Arc of New Jersey
North Brunswick
Our Readers Write
No Evacuation Plan for Disabled
To The Editor:
I wanted to thank you for the articles that brought the information on people with disabilities to those who read the Herald.
Your newspaper has followed the various happen-ings that started with the establishment of a county Office for the Disabled to sensitivity workshops for people in the public or private sector.
My interest in this area is more than self satisfaction. Cape May County government and businesses need to be more disability friendly.
The freeholders have made a small but worthwhile step to developing an informational document and as-sign a county employe to help disseminate the com-piled information.
Your reporters have written several articles that were certainly flattering to me, but most importantly they helped to bring the message I am trying to convey: People with disabilities are just like everyone else.
I have been concerned about the evacuation plan for the elderly and disabled citizens in Cape May County. The horror that took place in Louisiana and Mississippi after Hurricane Katrina made me more aware of the necessity of such a plan. The evacuation of elderly and disabled people needs to be brought to the attention of everyone in this county and I do not believe that this has been done.
I talked to Frank McCall (director of county emer-gency management) and he informed me that the county plan is the same for the elderly and disabled as it is for anyone else in the county.
He went on to tell me that all elderly and disabled persons should register themselves with the local police on a confidential list. This information could be used by the authorities in case of an emergency.
My question to each of our police departments is how many people have registered? But more impor-tantly, how many people have not but should?
Maybe with everyone’s help, we can together push for a very important registration, maybe a life-saving registration.
Court House
Our Readers Write
‘Coach’ Dellas Influenced Many Lives
To The Editor:
Many years ago, I was told the story of a humble man that attended church every Sunday. He lived in a small college town with his wife. Every Sunday he invited a college student that attended the church to have dinner with his wife and him. He was able to do this for decades.
 When the man was old, he passed away. At his me-morial and burial service the town rented an entire train. The train was filled to over flowing capacity. You see all the  students that were invited to his house for dinner for over 50 years wanted to show their love and thanks for him. He impacted  their lives more than he will ever knew.
That reminds me of Norman Dellas in his life. With all the people he reached with his baseball activities coaching and umpiring for so many generations. All his  activities on the Cape May School Board to modernize the school system and buildings. Plus with all the dif-ferent boards and clubs he was involved  with over the years.
When I was an active  member of the Coast Guard, we knew of Dellas and the Little League programs. 
Yes, I believe Norman Dellas influenced so many people in their lives for decades. All for the better of each of us who knew him in many  different capacities over the years. He will be missed by all.
Rio Grande

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