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Letter to the Editor – 5.24.2006


Sings Praises for Middle Songsters
To The Editor:
On May 11, the Middle Township High School presented their Spring Choral Concert. What a delight!
If you have never been to a production under the direction of Deborah Jenkins, you have missed academy award events.
Pianist Scott Breiner was flawless. I don’t know who the page-turner was, but she graced the stage and handled the music with perfect timing.
The concert began the evening with music that was simply beautiful. There was something for everyone no matter what your musical taste.
The Advanced Choir opened their set with “The Star-Spangled Banner,” which I felt was the best I have ever heard. This is probably one of the most difficult pieces to sing but Mrs. Jenkins is never afraid to try something challenging.
It amazes me that she has the courage to choose 90 percent of the pieces and accepts the challenge to bring them to the stage. This shows that she not only has extraordinary students but tremendous confidence in all involved.
The Chamber Choir was mesmerizing. The selections, “Madame Jeanette” and “Jenny Rebecca” were both over too soon.
The Women’s Choir performed “Deo Gracis” and “Ride on, King Jesus” for a truly receptive audience. I for one was impressed that the public school hailed the Lord in song.
And then, there was the Men’s Vocal Ensemble with an Elvis routine choreographed by Reinel Azaula, an alumnus. The young men were in costumes and thrilled the audience. Just like the old days, there were shrill cries and loud applause for these uninhibited teens.
Every one was in the best vocal shape. The soloists, Kristin Logan, Chelsey Smith, Mitzi Besas, and Tyler Donohue sang their way into the memorable archives of the high school’s achievers.
Mrs. Jenkins invited Dominique Wooten from the Class of 2003 who gave a flawless performance meriting a standing ovation. I marveled at his stage presence, the quality of his voice, and his humble attitude. In my mind, he typifies the graduates and trainees under Ms. Jenkins.
I say thank you to every one involved and ENCORE!
Court House
To The Editor:
I would like to thank the North Wildwood Police Department and the Elks Lodge for welcoming my son, Lance Cpl. David Reichner, U.S. Marines, home from his second deployment in Iraq on May 15.
The police department erected the flashing sign at the entrance to North Wildwood that welcomed him home and thanked him. The Elks Lodge also had a “welcome home” to him on their sign.
I would also like to thank Margaret Mace School staff and students for their thoughtfulness in sending care packages to him in Iraq. He appreciated them very much.
I can’t tell you how happy and proud you have made my son and our entire family with your consideration in showing him how much his sacrifice to our country is appreciated.
Keep flying the American flags and display those yellow ribbons to show all our military personnel how much we support them.
To The Editor:
Once again Art Hall, in his column (“Trying Times,” May 10) continues to drink the Bush Kool-Aid and link the war on terrorism with the war in Iraq, and then has the gall to downplay the number of soldiers killed in Iraq by comparing them to soldiers lost in other wars.
He writes, “Did prior generations of Americans lose soldiers without shedding tears? … and they lost them not by the tens of hundreds, but by the tens of thousands.” Adding, “they did not shrink from the task; they did not lose their nerve.”
Two points: Grab a copy of the 9-11 report, read it, and you’ll find what 70 percent of Americans now know that Iraq/Hussein had nothing to do with the 9-11 terrorists, so please don’t show your right-wing colors by falsely trying to link Iraq to the real war on terror, which was in Afghanistan against al Qaeda.
And second, comparing the number of soldiers who died in Iraq versus other wars by saying “they (we) did not shrink from their task” is a pathetic way to draw support for the war.
Comparing the numbers? Outrageous. Is that all it is to you – a matter of numbers? So what you infer is that we really haven’t lost that many soldiers compared to other wars, so let’s not lose “our nerve.”
Tough talk from someone who didn’t serve and whose kids haven’t either. (Note: take a trip up to the Vineland VA or Coatesville, Pa. VA and look around. I don’t think you’ll be so hawkish after a visit.)
Losing one soldier in Iraq is one too many in a war that had absolutely nothing to do with 9/11 or bin Laden. And, of course, even you, Mr. Hall can’t use WMDs, yellow cake, or any other bogus excuse anymore for justifying invading Iraq – because they have all been proven false.
Yet, you continue to try to use flag-waving rhetoric to make your point in supporting the war. Fine, wave it all you want from the safety of your office while more kids die or are wounded every day (two more soldiers killed on Mother’s Day), but please don’t embarrass yourself and the Herald by continuing the bogus linking of Iraq having anything to do with 9/11 and Afghanistan, and the “war on terror.”
Your trite appeal for patriotism to support the war doesn’t cut it when we have an administration that was more than willing to sacrifice the lives of true patriots to launch a war that had nothing to do with 9/11 – and they knew it.
West Cape May
To The Editor:
On May 16 yet another governing body took a step to disenfranchise the citizens of their community to benefit a business interest.
The North Wildwood City Council attempted to achieve this without taking responsibility for their actions. Member after member attempted to downplay their involvement as purely administrative, having nothing to do with the final outcome.
The city council is the duly elected, paid legislative body for this community. The Council sent a clear message to the mostly volunteer citizens of the Planning Board that they approve of alcohol in this environment.
The Moreys should not be vilified for their actions nor should they be placed on pedestals for their commitment to the Wildwoods. This group while expanding during the “bad times’ was able to achieve some great advancements for their company with minimal investment. The Moreys are good business folks, plan and simple.
Unfortunately, the Wildwoods are not just a business; they are home to many people. The business community in the Wildwoods, as in many Cape May County communities, has taken control of the governing bodies. The citizens of these communities are a forgotten entity.
Wildwood Mayor Ernest Troiano Jr. and Middle Township Mayor F. Nathan Doughty Jr. are two examples of local, one-dimensional leaders who have stranded their constituency, the folks who are trying to raise families in the middle of this mess. North Wildwood now appears to have the same type of leadership.
I personally feel much of this could be resolved by simply not reelecting anyone.
Incumbents serve to perpetuate their incumbency for salaries, benefits, retirements or whatever.
Incumbents need political party backing and special interest support.
Incumbents are separate from the real world of you and me.
I understand, with some of the alternative candidates, this could be a hard pill to swallow, but I for one will give it a try. Regardless of whether you agree with this philosophy, you have to agree with the case in North Wildwood as in so many others, these folks may not take responsibility for their actions but they certainly need to be held accountable.
 I have said before, I am tired of attending public meetings to speak and be ignored. I will miss no more kisses goodnight from my granddaughter. The outcome of these meetings was determined at the last election. Believe it! I do.
“None of us are as strong as all of us.”
Court House

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