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Sunday, July 14, 2024


From our Readers 3.29.2006


Helpers Are Welcome
I am writing in answer to Nick Colin’s March 15 column.
Nick said he was open to suggestions on how to help others. There are many senior citizens in Lower Township who would like help in having someone shop for groceries for them, when they are unable to, due to sickness or pain.
I am a senior citizen, a widow living alone in my apartment. I was diagnosed with arthritis and osteoporosis.
Recently, I was unable to do my grocery shopping because of having pain in my leg. The pain went from my hipbone down to my knee from my knee to my ankle and even to the bones in my feet. Oh, was that painful. This went on for a couple weeks.
I, for one, would appreciate it if someone could do my grocery shopping when I am unable to do it due to pain or sickness.
Another thing he can do is go to the office of any senior apartment complex and ask if he can leave a message on their bulletin board as to what help he can give.
Leave a phone number where to be reached. I’m sure there are many seniors like me who would appreciate his help.
This goes for anyone else who would like to volunteer his or her services.
(ED. NOTE: The above was anonymously written from North Cape May.)

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