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Sunday, May 19, 2024


Congress Needs Term Limits

By From Jerry Sieber, Swainton

To the Editor: 
According to national polling, Congress only has a 21% approval rating. 
National polling also shows that 85% of Republicans and 83% of Democrat voters and 79% of Independent voters want term limits for Congress; this includes the Senate. 
Congress will not allow this to happen. The definition of Democracy is: a political system in which the people have supreme power. The scoundrel Congress has taken our power and put it on the global market for the sole purpose of feeding their insatiable egos. 
Thomas Jefferson, John Adams and Benjamin Franklin were proponents of the idea, believing that a “rotten mess begins in the conduct of any man who longs to govern others for too long.” 
The founding fathers knew that Congress could become what they have become today. Article five of the constitution says that to rectify this, the states can apply for a constitutional convention by which the states would have the right to impose term limits on Congress. All forty New Jersey state senators have received the necessary information and exact language to apply for the convention. 
It would also be reasonable for the voters to call out every elected official: mayors, committee members, county commissioners, and assemblymen, to help reinstate the power where it rightfully belongs. 

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