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Friday, April 12, 2024


Affordable Housing

By Barbara Allison, Erma

To the Editor: 

Cape May County needs more affordable housing units. It is that simple.  

The number of families living in motels has increased. The number of working people living in their cars has increased. The number of homeless living in the woods has increased.  

People have vouchers for housing but can’t find any place to move into. Families that have good jobs, security deposits, and enough money to pay their rent can’t find housing.  

All the agencies helping the homeless are competing for the same motel slots, and it is getting worse. There are fewer and fewer places accepting vouchers and 211 placements.  

We can go round and round coming up with ideas, solutions, and suggestions, but the bottom line is we must provide affordable housing for our community, summer workers, the elderly, the homeless, and the year-round employees.  

Who do we turn to Van Drew,our mayors, freeholders, all of us citizens?The problem is not going away. It is getting worse and must be dealt with.Who is going to step up to the challenge? 

Barbara Allison, Erma

ED. NOTE: The author is a volunteer with Cape Hope, a local nonprofit that assists those experiencing homelessness. 

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