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Wednesday, June 19, 2024


A Night at the Circus

Letters to the Editor 2019

By Bob DiIorio, Seaville

To the Editor:  

At the Feb. 27 Upper Township meeting, the big top went up and people from all over the state came to see the big show. The fans carried signs, filled the seats, and lined the walls. The performers did not let the crowd down.  

Bozo (DeMarzo) thought he should be the ringleader but was actually the biggest clown of the night. He constantly interrupted the audience during the public comment portion and at one point shut the show down. An elderly detective from Ocean City hit a nerve when she revealed what was really happening at the old B.L England plant.  

The second act was also a crowd pleaser. The flamethrower (Malley) began to feel the heat being turned up. With fire (nonsense) flowing from his lips, he insisted that PSE&G could relocate the electric substation wherever they wanted. The only problem is that PSE&G sold all their stock to Orsted weeks ago.  

When the circus finally got to the main act, the fans were in a frenzy. A voice of reason finally prevailed. A motion was made to stop the elephant (Orsted) in the room.  

Table the resolution until after the big meeting in two weeks. The young lion tamer (Nappen) and the former ringmaster (Corson) received a standing ovation for their brave performances.  

However, Moe (Newman), Larry (Hayes), and Curly (Pancoast) decided to rush the resolution through and ended this portion of the show on a low note. Another intermission was taken, and most of the disappointed audience departed. As the three-ring circus continued, God sent the arrogant three stooges a clear message. Unfortunately, another dead mammal washed ashore in Avalon.  

It does not matter what any of us believe! Upper Township Committee, our state and federal governments, along with the blessing of the BPU, have already given Orsted ultimate power, and they have become the unstoppable Danish kraken!  

Under the guise of clean energy, the mighty Danish “kraken” has no respect for marine life, wildlife, or the environment. It will destroy everything in its path.  

With the Lord’s help, hopefully the clowns running the circus will get the message. Until then, we must stop the Danish “kraken!”  

An independent investigation needs to be done into the corporation who is in charge of the flim-flam sideshow happening at the former B.L England plant. That is the reason the threeeyed flying fish are jumping out of the water at the site.  

Halt any further offshore wind turbines until NovemberPlace a question on the New Jersey ballot. Let the voters decide on the future of offshore wind projects. It’s our state! Let’s respect it, protect it, and enjoy its natural beauty.  

To the voters of Upper Township, have you had enough of “the three stooges at the circus?” Help us change the form of our local government with a question on our local ballot this November.  

As always, God bless the whales. 

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