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Say What 4.12.2006

By Rick Racela

Consideration and compassion are often absent in the world that we live in today. The many battles people fight with others can turn them into warriors, if only for themselves. But you can look a little further, and find those who care considerably, and want to do everything and anything they possibly can to help others.
Kaitlin Anzelone was a bright, cheerful young woman with a passion for living. She was a spirited, strong, athletic girl with a uniquely positive outlook on life. She loved to live. Kaitlin had an infectious smile, catching aura, and above all, a courageous attitude to which people around her were attracted.
Kait loved many things. Her family and her friends were a huge part of her life. She was very close with them.
Kaitlin was a star athlete, as many may remember. Throughout high school, she worked for 12 varsity letters and played on four South Jersey Championship teams. She had an initiative and a work ethic admired by many. She was ambitious and took a huge step in the Wildwood High School athletic programs by captaining their first girls’ soccer team.
Her athletic achievements didn’t end as high school did. Kaitlin continued her ambitions and dreams by aspiring to become a writer, and while studying, play three college level sports at Rutgers-Camden University in her freshman year.
Sadly, 20-year-old Kaitlin passed away after a difficult battle with cancer, which she fought strong until the very end. She was brave and, with her friends and family by her side everyday, kept a positive attitude toward life that many people admire.
Kaitlin touched the lives of many people while she was here. During her battle with cancer, a benefit was held in her name at Michael’s Bar, in Wildwood. The Beef and Beer raised money to help Kaitlin’s family with the medical costs. When Kait saw the support given by the community and the funds raised, she realized that she had the backing of a wonderful town with so many people that cared about her.
But Kaitlin was the type of person who was always more concerned about others than herself. She saw that every day she had many visitors, phone calls, cards, gifts, and flowers. She was surrounded by family and friends.
But in the hospital, she met and made friends with other patients battling cancer, and learned that not all are so fortunate. And she decided that she wanted to create a foundation, to provide support for those fighting cancer, and to let them know that they are not alone in their battles.
The organization would send visitors to patients, for comfort and support.They would try to make the hospital stay as comfortable as possible and let each person fighting their battle know that they are cared about.
Since Kaitlin has passed away, her family and friends have kept her memory alive in photos and recollections of the time they have had with her. But they also want to create the organization Kaitlin wished for – the Kaitlin Anzelone Memorial Foundation. It was something Kait wanted, and her family and friends and those that loved her want to carry out her wish.
On Saturday, May 6, Michael’s Bar will host the Kaitlin Anzelone Memorial Beef and Beer Benefit, the kick-off of Kaitlin’s foundation. Tickets are being sold for $20 apiece. The Anzelone family is hoping for the support they have had for the past months will continue to this benefit, in memory of Kaitlin. For more information, please call 609-780-7912.
Davis, 16, of Green Creek, is a sophomore at the Technical High School.

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