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Jack Smyth – 4.19.2006

By Rick Racela

A world-famous painting could well become the icon for the current privacy movement.
 Leonardo DaVinci’s Mona Lisa has been keeping her thoughts to herself since the last brush stroke.
 Her image is synonymous with enigmatic.
 Savants have been guessing what secret, good or horrific, lie behind that smile, until now, that is.
 Now, a team of college researchers thinks they know that Mona Lisa led a satisfying, happy life. But the point remains, she will never tell, which makes her an icon for those trying to protect privacy.
 Until the obsession with the almighty dollar laid siege to privacy, most thought it afforded protection, but then retailers couldn’t resist selling names, phone numbers, and the mailing addresses.
 Politicians saw the incursion as another election issue and drew up laws protecting the people from the advertising onslaught.
 Mona Lisa, though, is still smiling.

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