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I Met a Young Soul

By Amy Patsch

We had some work done at our home recently that required a certain expertise. The firm we used sent a young man to help us out. After he was finished with his work, we spoke for a brief time.   

He spoke softly, looking down, and seemed to lack any joy.  

He seemed lonely. Along the way of the conversation, I asked if he had a church he attended. He did not.  

He told me that he hadn’t been raised in the church and he didn’t see a need for it.   

My heart broke for this young soul. He shared that he didn’t have a group of friends or go out much.  

That is why I thought a church might fill at least that need – and possibly many others, as he learned of Jesus. 

As we shared about life, I told him how wonderful it was to be together in church among those who love me just because I am me. They smile when they see me, and I get hugs. I tried to encourage him to attend somewhere with thoughts of others caring for him. 

He mentioned his view on the Bible was that it had been written by regular men and a long time ago, so he wasn’t inclined to read it.  Although, he did say he felt there must be some beings that put the world in place or why else would we be here, as it wouldn’t make sense. 

As I was listening, I was praying for a word from God to give to this young man. The only thing that came to mind was a recently read story about the Bible Project, something I have mentioned in a previous article.   

I was thinking of a very interesting statement I read by Jon Collins, the co-creator of the Bible Project. He said he had just finished seminary and still had so many questions that were unanswered, and he felt he couldn’t ask anyone for the answers because they would think he was doubting or weak in his faith.  

What occurred was that he found a friend that was very much a Bible scholar and who was an extremely sympathetic listener. That person was Tim Mackie, who eventually became co-founder of the Bible Project ( 

Jon calls Tim a Bible nerd in all the good ways. He related he could ask Tim anything and know that Tim understood his heart. He said Tim’s responses were always given with knowledge and love, as he explained his answers though Biblical teachings. Jon found Tim was so helpful that he thought everyone should have a Bible nerd for a friend. After discussing it with Tim, they decided to make the videos with Biblical answers, so that one and all can have access to Tim’s knowledge. 

With all of this going through my head, I shared with this young man several things about the Bible Project, including that it has many animated videos, which answer a lot of life’s questions, and maybe he could look into it if he found some time on his hands. 

No, he didn’t write down the name of either Tim Mackie or the Bible Project, but I know that God will bring our conversation to mind someday. Why? Because I am praying that God will reach out with others to touch this young man’s heart.   

Nothing in my life happens by accident. God is always directing my path and this young man was in my path, not by some accidental scheduling by his company, but by the design of the Lord, the creator of the universe.   

The Bible tells us, “Faith comes from hearing, and hearing by the word of Christ.”  

None of us can believe in the saving grace of Jesus if we have not heard the words of salvation. It is essential that we tell others of our faith and then let God do the rest.   

I could not have let that young man leave this house in the same hopelessness that he entered. He needs to know Jesus and the joy that comes from knowing Jesus, and therefore I will continue to pray for the eyes of his heart to be opened. 

How many lonely souls do we pass on the street, at the supermarket, or on the boardwalk each week? We seldom have the opportunity to tell them about Jesus, but when God sends one of these souls into our homes, let us not miss the chance to share our faith with those who have none. 

I have met other workers coming into my home who have the love of the Savior and yes, there is a wonderful joy in finding a brother or sister in Christ that way. The more we become comfortable with speaking of our faith with fellow Christians, the more comfortable we will be in broaching the subject with those who we are unsure of their beliefs. 

As God directs each of our paths this week, may we be on the lookout for souls that are hungry and weak and need to be fed the food of life – Jesus’ words. 

ED. NOTE: Amy Patsch writes from Ocean City.Email her 

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