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From the Publisher~Art Hall 2/1/2006

By Rick Racela

 He is just one of the myriad citizens in our state and our country who donates his time for the good of us all.   His particular contribution to our democracy is to fight against the bureaucratic waste built into the way we finance major roads in New Jersey.  He is president of CAT (Citizens Against Tolls).  Why does he do it?  What motivates him? It is the stupidity of it all: a massive toll collection system that eats up the money it collects just to pay itself. They are legalized highway bandits, involving hundreds of people, and add to that another 270 people just to run E-ZPass on the Garden State Parkway.  A few pennies more on the gasoline tax would cost zilch to collect and would eliminate tolls altogether.   Even if we’re willing to put up with this massive waste of our tax dollars, what about the needless accidents, needless pollution and wasted fuel from stopping and going?  There were 1,100 accidents at or near toll plazas in the last four years, per CAT research.  And what about our crazy on-and-off ramps?  Why is there not a full interchange for North Wildwood/Middle Township? Same for Sea Isle! Because they are designed that way to facilitate collecting tolls, not for our convenience.   So what’s in it for Ray Neveil?  The satisfaction of doing what he can for our democracy.  Art Hall, publisher  Send comments to: 

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