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Sunday, July 14, 2024


From the Publisher – Art Hall 3.22.2006

By Rick Racela

How Does Avalon Do It?
October 7th of last year, the Southern new Jersey Development Council conducted what it referred to as its Avalon Showcase, “…to learn how Avalon has become one of our State’s premiere shore communities.”
SNJDC President Marlene Asselta stated that “The strong leadership of Mayor Pagliughi has certainly lead Avalon in the right direction.  Avalon is the prefect example of what happens when the public and private sectors join together for a common purpose.”
After learning of this, I spoke with Mayor Pagliughi. He invited me to sit down with him and business administrator, Andy Bednarek, to explain to me his thinking and to show me, first hand, what Avalon has done these last number of years which has enabled the borough to keep its taxes at record lows while simultaneously building large, attractive new facilities and undergoing extensive beautification efforts.. 
After that tour, I and asked him if he would share with the Herald readers what he had shared with me.  His response will appear in a four-piece series on the opposite page, starting this week. (Here on the website, the entire text is running.)
Low Tax Rate /Expanding Rateables
High Credit Rate/Fiscal Management
Grants/ Loans/ Revenues Sources
Collaboration/ Inter-local Cooperation/ Partnerships
Community Life
Safety and Security of Residents and Visitors
School/Community Library
More than a Library….   A Center of “Intellectual Recreation”
Improved Community Facilities — Downtown Business District
Veteran’s Plaza
Economic Development Advisory Committee
Avalon Brand and Reputation
After reading Mayor Pagliughi account of what has transpired over the last number of years, we gain some understanding of why the median price of a single family home in Avalon, in 37 transactions over the last twelve weeks, was $1,895,000, and the average was $2,353,547. Over the same period, twenty condo sales had a median price of $887,000 and average of $1,027,200.  (More data and comparisons will be available shortly in the Real Estate Update by Herald Real Estate Editor Carole Mattessich)
       Art Hall, Publisher
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