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Tuesday, April 23, 2024


Fishing Line for Dec. 28

A nice blackfish for this angler

By Mark Robbins

As with last week, let me start with a greeting to everyone. Since the new year will arrive, and the calendar will change years between columns, this is the perfect opportunity to wish everyone a happy, healthy, and prosperous new year.
Since we’re wishing for good things, let’s also include plenty of successful fishing excursions, be they from land-based locations or during trips to the briny deep. If you received any new fishing toys over the holiday, I hope you have the chance to use them soon.
Taking advantage of some good winter fishing over the holidays would be a perfect time to check out your new items. Let’s check out what others have done recently.
The Miss Avalon was able to split the difference, between bad then decent weather, to get a trip in here and there. The Saturday trip, before the holiday weekend, was canceled due to the wind but Sunday saw a favorable weather window which Captain Irv, the crew, and the anglers aboard took advantage of.
The morning was “beautiful” but the wind increased as the day wore on.
Regardless, there were some nice blackfish caught. The average weight was in the three-to-four-pound range with the biggest of the day registering 4.5-pounds. One angler caught their limit while a couple others came up just short. Still though, four out of five allowed keepers isn’t a bad day.
A mid-week trip saw the crew, and accompanying anglers, enjoy a beautiful day on the water. The favorable weather was buffered by a challenging day as the blackfish never presented “a steady chew”. Those aboard though were able to bring seventeen keepers over the rail which only helped to make the day that much better.
The Miss Avalon will sail on towards the new year, leaving the dock when the wind allows, and head to the local reefs and wrecks looking for tog. Keep up on their schedule by going to their Facebook page or by calling 609-967-7455.
The Starlight Fleet, and Captain Paul, took a chance with the weather Monday and were able to survive the windy conditions. Keeper fish were scattered around the boat.
The trip saw a limit go to Kevin Olbrich who came down from Pittsgrove. Don Mark, of Philadelphia, made his trip worthwhile as he also finished with his limit. Amongst those fish was the pool-winner which was a nice bonus for Don.
Call ahead at 609-729-7776 to check on Captain Paul’s trips. They are also scheduling some deepwater seabass trips. Call ahead to confirm when these, and any trip, are scheduled as the weather always has a say in the final decisions.
The Cape May Lady got out on Sunday and, despite the ever-present wind, the anglers aboard were able to put a nice catch together. Fewer fish than hoped for were caught, but, fish were caught and that’s what matters.
Check out their schedule by giving them a call at 609-780-7900.
The Starfish is sailing for blackfish as conditions allow. The best advice, as with every boat in the area, is to check ahead to see when they are running. The Starfish has also been running trips for sea bass, and may run some more, so that is always an additional option for your enjoyment. Call ahead at 609-263-3800 to see what they are targeting, and when.
Well, as you can see it was a slower week than hoped for. Bad weather and the holiday rush are both playing a role in that, but I know that there are plenty of anglers wanting to fish. Hopefully, we will get the opportunity in the week after the holiday to do just that. Good luck if you get out, take care and I’ll see you around.


Author of The Fishing Line, a regular column published in the Cape May County Herald covering the local fishing scene.

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