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Sunday, July 14, 2024


All About Fishing 5.17.2006

By Rick Racela

Early last week the surf came alive with good catches of strip bass. North Wildwood was the hot spot. Sunny and I were a day late and a dollar short as always.  Fish were caught Monday morning, Monday evening, Tuesday morning and Tuesday evening. Sunny and I showed up and the fish had lock jaw. We did catch our share of skates.
There was a fish caught with a tag from the Atlantic Highlands. The tag is made to be inserted in the rear of the dorsal fin. The Bozo who but this tag in put it completely through the body of the fish near the tail and tied it in a knot. The hole in the fish was worn about a 1/2-inch around a reel – shame.
We have the tag and the fish was released unharmed. However there is going to be a letter forth coming to the Atlantic Highland .
Flounder fishing in the Back Bay remains good according to Cathy from Sterling Harbor Bait and Tackle. The best bait is buck tails tipped with mackerel. Sterling also reports crabbing has been excellent in the back bays.
 Jims Bait in Cape May reports drum fishing has been good in the Delaware Bay. Brandywine Slough was good. The fish were stacked up a mile high and drumming like crazy at Slaughter Beach but would not bite according to Matt.
They were more than likely spawning. Striper fishing has been good in the Delaware Bay at Deadmans Shoal, and the Horseshoe with bunker and if you use clam you also have a shot at catching a drum.
There was some fluke action at Miah Maul Light and the 19-buoy in the 3 to 5-pound range. Sunny gives the fishing five barks this week.
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