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Tuesday, July 23, 2024


All About Fishing 4.26.2006

By Rick Racela

With the summer type weather this past week, it was too nice out not to wet a line. We did indeed. We were fishing out back behind Wildwood with fresh clams, anchored up, and got two stripers — only one keeper at 33 inches and a throw back at 27 inches.  We were chumming with the clam shells and a few clam pieces thrown in. These fish were taking the bait real easy. You really had to fish keen for them.  We had a lot of hits and lost a bunch of bait. It was overall a good trip with plenty of action.
When we cleaned our table fare, we checked the stomach and found the stripers last meal before the clam was a sand eel. Not bad for the first trip aboard the new Strike Zone, new to the fleet this year with Captain Vince Jablonkski.
The 23-foot Sea Craft is the perfect inshore charter boat. For more information, contact Vince at 425-8011.
Sunny and I fished the surf twice this week in Wildwood Crest. We saw a bird play but it was too far to cast. We only had a couple hits. No fish but we gave it the old college try. We were tossing clams. We even had a short jaunt in our back yard here in Wildwood one evening and had a couple cocktail blues on lead heads and plastic.  According to Jim’s Tackle in Cape May there are blue fish on the ocean front. We did not get any. The first report of the season was in from Jim’s this week and the best fishing was in the Delaware Bay.
The hot spots were Blakes Channel and Joe Flager Shoal. Chris Ueith and Rich the (coffee man) braved the weather on Saturday and had nine stripers at the Pintop in the Delaware Bay.
The drumfish are still spotty. I was over at Reed’s Beach with Tim Fleming and the gnats like to picked us up and carry us away. With that said, on with the report.  Blackfish are in good numbers at most inshore wrecks in the ocean.
Other fishing news:  Sterling Harbor Bait and Tackle is open for the season. The No Bones flounder tournament is coming up May 6.
Sunny gives the fishing five barks this week.
Tight lines.
 Fishing news can be e-mailed to Lerario at  

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