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‘WW Shovels’ Program Needs Volunteers

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By Christopher South

WEST WILDWOOD – Mayor Matthew Ksiazek put out the call for a few good able-bodied people to sign up snow shoveling before the first storm hits.

“WW Shovels” is a volunteer program set up to help seniors and disabled homeowners with snow removal from their driveways and walkways. The program was authorized under a state statute that permits municipalities to create a volunteer snow shoveling force.

At the Dec. 2 Borough Commission meeting, Ksiazek invited people to join the program that benefits residents over age 60 who own their own home or disabled. The qualified applicant must live in the home, or at least one unit of a two-unit dwelling.  At the meeting, Borough Clerk/Administrator Donna Frederick said applicants for the service must fill out an application form each year and must sign a hold harmless agreement.

The borough can accept volunteers who are adults or minors providing they fill out an application, which includes a hold harmless agreement, saying they will not hold the borough liable for any injury sustained while shoveling snow or salting as part of the WW Shovels program. Volunteers agree to shovel and salt all the main walkways and paths leading to the property and, perhaps, dig out the applicant’s car.

Per the borough’s guidelines, “Volunteers are NOT to accept money for service being provided and NOT for any reason enter the homes of any senior/disabled individuals.” The borough is following state statute that allows them to set up the volunteer snow shoveling program, and by state law it is designated as a “free program.”

There must be over two inches of snow before the WW Shovels program is activated, but once it is, shoveling will be completed within 24 hours after the snow has stopped. Volunteers are expected to supply their own snow shovel or snow removal gear and their own winter clothing. The borough will supply the salt.

“The WW Shovels program was implemented in a prior administration,” Frederick said. “At the time, it did not require a formal application – and they would shovel anybody’s walk.”

It is now necessary to fill out an application, and submitting an application does not automatically guarantee enrollment in the program. All applications will be reviewed to determine eligibility. Completed applications can be mailed to: Borough of West Wildwood, ATTN WW Shovels, 701 W. Glenwood Ave., West Wildwood, NJ 08260.

Applications are also accepted via email to For additional information, please call West Wildwood Administration at 609-522-4845 x306.



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