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Monday, May 20, 2024


Woodbine News Notes 2/8/2006

By Rick Racela

The annual St. Casimir’s Parish Polish Dinner will be here March 12.
As you all know, that’s good food and good fellowship.
Woodbine Municipal Utilities Authority will meet tonight at 7:30 p.m.
Woodbine Planning and Zoning meets tomorrow at 8 p.m.
Woodbine Municipal Services will be closed Feb. 13 for Lin-oln’s birthday. Closed again Feb. 20 for Washing-ton’s.
We understand that Woodbine Elementary has a four-day weekend on the latter weekend.
Upcoming Woodbine Recreation basketball games to the end of the season:
Fifth and sixth grades: tonight, home, against Cape May, 6p.m.
Seventh and eighth grades: tonight, home, against Upper, 7 p.m.
Chief Ryan tells us that the Woodbine Volunteer Fire Department is currently looking for members.
They provide free training, free safety equipment, and an excel-lent opportunity to serve your community.
While age 18 is required for membership, there is also a de-partment-sponsored Ex-plorer Troop for inter-ested individuals, ages 14 to 21.
Call Chief Ryan at 861-0845 with questions or to sign up today.
Chief Ryan also informed us of awards presented at the recent Fire Department installa-tion dinner.
Length of service awards: Harry Ciaba-toni, five years; Sam Caraballo, 10 years; Manny Gonzalez, 20 years; George Scott, Sr., 35 years.
Juan Rodriguez was honored for becoming a Life Member in the New Jersey State Fireman’s Association.
Juan qualified for this status by demonstrating attendance at 60 percent of fires and drills for 84 months.
George Scott, Jr. was recipient of this year’s Citizen of the Year Award for his service to the Fire Department.
Each officer of the de-partment also received an Assembly commendation from Assemblymen Jeff Van Drew and  Nelson Albano.
Joe Gurdgiel was cele-brated for his birthday.
And as a special token, the firemen’s ladies were each given a rose.
(Aww, Tammy).
Please call with reports of activities in your or-ganization, upcoming events, fundraisers, honors received, calls for membership, meeting date information,
Keep in mind that this column goes to the edi-tor one full week before it appears in the paper.
Taking this opportunity for a personal word of thanks to Annie Rojas of Cape Assist and the Healthy Communities Coalition as she prepares to leave Cape May County for warmer climes.
As chairman of the Woodbine Municipal Alliance, I have had many opportunities to work with, and be trained by Annie.
Gerry Hudgins, Monsy, and other core members of our Alliance enjoyed Saturday morn-ing work sessions at the Borough Hall with An-nie, lunchtime mentoring, and seminar dinner meetings.
Annie always made sure there was food for body as well as for thought at these gatherings.
Monsy. who partnered with Annie in a number of enterprises, adds:
 “I don’t think that anyone could find a better friend anywhere.
“She cared for the com-munity and for the work she did for people.
“She never was unkind, always smiling and joking, and just a great person.
“I hope she has a great time wherever her life takes her and her hus-band, from here on and pray for her in her ad-ventures ahead.”

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