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Monday, July 22, 2024


Wildwood Urges County to Build Housing for Poor

By Rick Racela

Troiano said that, while homelessness isn’t unique to other areas, Wildwood has been used as workhorse to shoulder the county’s responsibility.
“The problem is, we’ve been responsible for everyone who doesn’t have a place to stay,” said Breuss.
Troiano said that while Cape May County seems to offer every other amenity to its residents, it does not have a homeless shelter. The city hopes that the passage of the ordinance will serve as a wake-up to county officials, he said.
“We need a county shelter,” said Troiano.
The city will also send the resolution to the county Board of Freeholders.
“We did a homeless survey some time ago,” said Freeholder Gerald M. Thornton, liaison to social services.  “Most of them we put in motels and pay for it.  We will look and see what the need is here.”
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