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Wednesday, April 24, 2024


Wildwood To Take More Action Against Exhibition Drivers

Chaos ensued in Wildwood late Sept. 25 as part of an unsanctioned car rally.

By Christopher South

WILDWOOD – The City of Wildwood plans to introduce legislation after the new year that will further strengthen its ability to combat unsanctioned car rallies along with exhibition driving.
More than one town in lower Cape May County has introduced or passed a local ordinance prohibiting exhibition driving, which includes skidding, spinning tires upon acceleration, racing, or even loud mufflers.
Wildwood City Manager Steve O’Connor said after the Nov. 30 commission meeting the city has definite plans to introduce more legislation to discourage bad behavior during such events; or to even discourage the events in the first place. One of the next actions to be taken would be to obtain permission from businesses, with parking lots that might attract a crowd of cars, to go onto the lots and take some action to remove the vehicles without having to contact the property owner.
O’Connor said another action is to seek permission to triple fines allowed under state statutes. Ocean City, Maryland, addressed this with its state legislature, which allowed them to create an event zone, which would be similar to a construction zone, where there are enhanced penalties for traffic violations.
“We will be pushing for this after the holidays,” O’Connor said. 

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