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Whale Washes Ashore in Strathmere

A humpback whale washed up on the beach of Strathmere Dec. 10.

By Herald Staff

STRATHMERE – A mammoth humpback whale washed up on the beach in Strathmere Dec. 10.
Upper Township Mayor Curtis Corson commended public works employees for “their very quick actions and professional handling including with the Brigantine-based Stranded Marine Mammal Center staff to handle the beached humpback whale who tragically washed up dead on Strathmere beach located at Whittier Ave.”
Corson said the whale, which was 30-feet long and weighed about 20 tons “later drifted because of strong currents on to ironically-named Whale Beach about a mile south.”
Many people made the trip down to the beach to view the animal and Corson said not all of them behaved appropriately.
“We’ve learned a few lessons as well, such as cordon off the area so that some less than respectful behavior exhibited by a few around the body would never take place again – everything happened so fast in terms of the word getting out,” Corson said.
The whale was buried in the sand by public works, which Corson said is standard practice.

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