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Rumbling Felt in CMCo Not Result of Earthquake, According to USGS


By Shay Roddy

Rattling windows and shaking buildings, reminiscent of an earthquake, were reported by many in Cape May County Feb. 8, but the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) said that it was not because of an earthquake.
“We don’t have any direct evidence, but it’s most likely from an air wave, that can either be a supersonic jet or some kind of munition testing, but we have no evidence of where that could be coming from,” Paul Earle, a seismologist with the USGS told the Herald. 
The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) said they had no report of a sonic boom in an email to the Herald.
Naval Air Station Patuxent River, in Maryland, did not have any flights that would have caused the boom, Patrick Gordon, a public information officer there, told the Herald.  
Atlantic City Air National Guard Base, Naval Air Station Oceana and Dover Air Force Base also did not have any flights that would have caused a supersonic boom, according to spokespeople at those facilities. 
A supervisor at Fleet Area Control and Surveillance Facility, Virginia Capes, which oversees naval air operations on the east coast, did not know of any operations that would have caused the incident and said it would look further into its cause. 
All military officials at different facilities said it could have been a plane flying that they were not aware of, but the FAA is aware of military flights.
Amateur flight trackers speculated it could have been some T-38 Talons, out of Joint Base Langley, which were training off the coast and at one point touched down in Atlantic City, according to tracking data.
However, the operations desk at the 177th Fighter Wing of the New Jersey Air National Guard said it confirmed that that neither 177FW F-16s, nor the visiting T-38s, were airborne at the time of the widely reported sound/disturbance. They took off after 2 p.m.
We will continue to update you as information develops.

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