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UPDATE: Ocean City Resident on an Eight-Game Jeopardy! Streak

Cris Pannullo

By Herald Staff

OCEAN CITY – Ocean City resident Cris Pannullo is on a Jeopardy! streak after yet another consecutive win Oct. 11, according to the Jeopardy! “contestant zone.” Cris is now on an 8-game runaway streak with his earnings currently sitting at $275,502.
He plays again at 7 p.m. est on Oct. 12, where he will face challengers from New York and California.
Cris will continue to defend his “returning champion” title until a challenger out-earns him.
Pannullo’s impressive total initially acme from from his “daily double” streak. But it isn’t luck that propelled him to the top; Cris is fast on the buzzer and draws from an impressive knowledge base when answering questions.
Before missing his first “daily double” Oct. 6, he had correctly guessed eight consecutive daily doubles, wherein the contestant wagers a dollar amount of their choice that doubles if the question is answered correctly. “Daily double” wagers are made before the question is asked, making it a particularly risky gamble.
Cris now has the fourth-best daily-double success rate; he has answered 20 of 22 daily double questions correctly. Avid Jeopardy fans on r/Jeopardy calculated that only David Madden, James Holzhauer, and Matt Jackson had better rates of success during their runs.
Perhaps this streak shouldn’t come as a surprise; Pannullo is himself a former professional poker player, the Press of Atlantic City reported; he certainly has a history of making calculated bets.
Reddit has been particularly abuzz with speculation about Pannullo’s future as a Jeopardy! contestant. Reddit user strangeremain is a frequent commenter on r/Jeopardy; they say that “No champion has ever lost in the $300,000s before. Does this bode will for Cris’s continued success?”
Other users echoed this excitement about Pannullo’s potential. Members of the subreddit, which is in essence a forum about Jeopardy!, have begun to label their profiles with “Team Cris Pannullo” badges (known as flairs) to show their continued support for the Ocean City native.
Pannullo is a Cape May County local who currently serves as an operations manager in Ocean City.

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