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Saturday, June 15, 2024


Overnight Closures to Ingram’s Thorofare Bridge Planned Dec. 21-23

road closed

By Press Release

AVALON – The Ingram’s Thorofare Bridge will be closed between the hours of 7 p.m. and 5 a.m. Dec. 21-23 due to ongoing construction. 

According to a release, as a result, Avalon Boulevard (C.R. 601) will be closed to thru traffic during these hours. The roadway and bridge will reopen after those hours and remain open thereafter. 

Motorists heading south on Route 9 and wishing to access Avalon, via Avalon Boulevard, will be required to continue heading south along Route 9 until they arrive at the Stone Harbor Boulevard intersection (C.R. 657). They will then be directed east, along Stone Harbor Boulevard/96th Street to Third Avenue (C.R. 619), in Stone Harbor. They will then be directed north, along C.R. 619, to Avalon. Traffic exiting the Garden State Parkway, at Exit 13, and wishing to head east to Avalon will be directed west, to Route 9, to follow the same detour. Northbound traffic approaching Stone Harbor Boulevard and wishing to access Avalon will be directed onto Stone Harbor Boulevard, at Exit 10. 

Motorists heading north on Route 9 wishing to access Avalon, via Avalon Boulevard, will be directed to head east at the Stone Harbor Boulevard intersection. Once in Stone Harbor, motorists will be directed north along Third Avenue (C.R. 619), toward Avalon. Traffic on the barrier islands wishing to utilize Avalon Boulevard to access the Garden State Parkway or Route 9 will be directed south on C.R. 619 to 96th Street, where they will be directed west on Stone Harbor Boulevard to Route 9 and the Parkway. 

Local traffic will be permitted to access Avalon Boulevard up to the Ingram’s Thorofare Bridge from either side, but will not be permitted to cross the bridge.  

Due to the current load restriction of the 96th Street Bridge (C.R. 657), vehicles over 15 tons will not be able to access Stone Harbor/Avalon until traffic resumes on the Ingram’s Thorofare Bridge, at 5 a.m. the following mornings. Motorists are asked to plan accordingly and obey traffic control devices and speed limits. 

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