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Sunday, May 19, 2024


Toco Toucans Arrive at the Cape May County Zoo

Say hello to the newest animal at the Cape May County Zoo


COURT HOUSE – The Cape May County Zoo is excited to announce the arrival of a breeding pair of Toco Toucans.  The Toucans came from the Dallas World Aquarium located in Dallas, Texas.
Toco Toucans are the largest members of the Toucan family and one of the most recognizable species of birds on Earth.  They are typically seen in pairs or small groups. They feed mainly on fruits but will eat berries, nuts, insects, frogs, and small reptiles.
They range throughout northern South America where they inhabit the rainforest canopy.  These birds have beautiful orange beaks that are as long as the rest of their body.  They use this beak to help them hold and peel fruit as that is their predominant food source.
“Our pair of Toco Toucans can be found in the South America section of the Zoo, right across from the Capybara, in a brand-new habitat funded exclusively by donations to our support organization, the Cape May County Zoological Society.  This habitat offers indoor viewing so these beautiful new residents can be seen during the cold months of the year”, said Dr. Alexander Ernst, Associate Veterinarian.
Toco Toucans, also known as the common toucan, is the largest and best-known species in the toucan family. They average 1.4 pounds and grow to an average of 25 inches tall.
“The Toco Toucans are a fantastic addition to our Zoo family and will add to the growing list of species that attract visitors to come back throughout the year.  We encourage visitors to not only view these beautiful birds but also help in naming them.  Go to ( to learn how to submit names for our brand-new Toucans”, said Commissioner E. Marie Hayes, liaison to the Cape May County Parks and Zoo.

The Cape May County Parks and Zoo are Free and open daily year-round except Christmas Day.  The County Parks are open from 7 a.m. until dusk and the Zoo is open from 10 am until 3:30 pm daily.

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