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SIC Beach Christmas Tree Redecorated for Valentine’s Day

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SEA ISLE CITY – Last month, in order to share their love for Christmas with others, residents Nicholas and Shannon Giordano and their children added a festively trimmed, fresh-cut Douglas fir Christmas tree to Sea Isle City’s 44th Street Beach – and afterward, they invited other members of the community to add additional decorations to the tree.
According to a release, that invitation brought countless people to the 44th Street beach, where residents and visitors alike cheerfully added many ornaments to the tree, including traditional decorations and a wide variety of other items such as handwritten messages, children’s toys, patriotic images, seashells and more.
Following a tremendous turnout of people who wanted to either decorate the tree or have their photo taken next to it – or both – this month, the Giordanos decided to convert the Christmas tree to a Valentine’s Day tree by replacing the yuletide decorations with hearts and other love-themed trim.
“We placed the tree on the beach because our family really loves Christmas, and we wanted to spread some Christmas cheer – and if my husband could have a Christmas tree up all year, he would,” stated Shannon Giordano. “Now, we are happy to share our love for Valentine’s Day with the community.”
After removing last month’s Christmas decorations from the tree, the Giordanos carefully salvaged any items they could for hopeful use in December 2021. Just as they did in December, they have invited others in the community to add decorations to the Douglas fir – this time in honor of Valentine’s Day.
“People started making posts on social media as soon as we decorated the tree for Valentine’s Day,” added Giordano. “We love seeing people enjoy the tree, and as long as it lasts, we will add decorations for Saint Patrick’s Day and keep going forward.”
Those who wish to add decorations to the tree are asked to please secure the items to the tree’s branches so they will not blow away in the wind.

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