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Sunday, May 26, 2024


Sea Isle City Beach Patrol Wins the 2022 Tri-Resort Lifeguard Races

On July 17

By From Sea Isle City

Sea Isle City Beach Patrol Wins the 2022 Tri-Resort Lifeguard Races
SEA ISLE CITY – On July 17, the Sea Isle City Beach Patrol won the 2022 Tri-Resort Lifeguard Races, which were held on Sea Isle’s 44th Street Beach. 
As hosts of this year’s competition, the SICBP had the pleasure of welcoming the event’s two other perennial participants to town: the Upper Township and the Wildwood Beach Patrols. 
Each of the lifeguards that participated in the Tri-Resort Races is a regular working member of their respective Beach Patrol – ranging from rookies to more advanced guards.  Former lifeguards from the SICBP volunteered their time to serve as judges during the races. 
The competition was highlighted by rowing, running, swimming and surf bashing heats – each of which earned the teams points that were accumulated to determine the Tri-Resort’s first, second and third place winners (5-points for first place in an individual race, 3-points for second place, and 1-point for third). 
At the end of the races, Sea Isle City was declared the first place winner overall, with 32-points; Wildwood Beach Patrol took home second place honors with 20-points; and Upper Township Beach Patrol came in third place, with 11 points.
Medals were presented to the winners of each individual competition; and the Sea Isle City Beach Patrol received a trophy for winning first place in the event.

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