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Sunday, May 19, 2024


Shore Sim Golf Brings Year-Round Golf to Cape May County

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By Herald Staff

Shore Sim Golf, a new indoor golf facility in Court House, is the best place in Cape May and Atlantic counties to practice your swing and to play a real round of golf even when the weather faulters. 

Patrick Bond opened Shore Sim over a year ago and brought with him the best ball-tracking technology in the world: TrackMan 4. “It’s the same radar technology used on the PGA tour, the senior tour, the LPGA tour, the same technology they use to track golfer’s shots,” Patrick said.  


At Shore Sim Golf, Golfers can get the exact data on each of their swings, and golf newcomers can practice the game in an inexpensive, low-pressure environment.  

But what is indoor golf anyway? To start, golfers pick from over 180 virtual golf courses, which are photorealistic depictions of famous real-life courses like Quail Hollow in North Carolina, Pebble Beach in Northern California, and St. Andrew’s in Scotland. Golfers then grab their club and stand at an indoor tee, each of which is housed in a private bay with plenty of room for friends to hang out.


 But just because you’re indoors doesn’t mean you have to hold back on power.  

After taking the shot – even a powerful drive- the ball makes impact with a screen specially designed to absorb the impact. From there, TrackMan radar calculates exact data on your shot, including data on club speed, ball carry, attack angle, swing direction, club path, ball speed, face, and launch angle.  


Golfers will watch their physical ball transform into a virtual one that soars through the course. Golfers can use this combination of virtual and physical technology to practice their shots in conditions they might not be able to replicate otherwise.  

Patrick wanted his facility to be the best it can be. He designed the entire indoor facility from scratch; the large space, once a storage facility, has been completely transformed thanks to his prior experience in design and construction. Each of the four simulator bays is meticulously themed after beach houses in Key West, Florida.


Patrick didn’t always dream of opening a golf facility for the public. He originally wanted a personal bay in his home, but a swift “no” from his wife Jennifer meant that he investigated other ways to bring his simulator dreams to life. Jennifer has been incredibly supportive of the business; she helps him run the facility and the two operate as a team to host special events in the winter and fall off-seasons.  

Most Thursdays are wing nights at Shore Sim Golf. Golfers who play a round are treated to wings from the famous C-View tavern in Cape May. Most Tuesdays are Taco Tuesdays with tacos from Shore Tacos. Friday nights bring half-off simulation play, food trucks, and outdoor games and hair braiding for kids.  


Kids can also play colorful golf minigames at the simulators that are designed to wean kids onto the sport.  

The facility also offers golf lessons from locally famous professionals.  John Appleget specializes in women and children’s lessons while Tom Palmgren works with adults of all genders and skill levels. 


Shore Sim Golf has been a labor of love for Patrick and Jennifer. They just celebrated one-year of operation, and they hope to soon open a fourth indoor golf bay at the facility. If you’re a seasoned golf veteran or just getting into the sport, Shore Sim Golf is a great place to hit the greens.

Shore Sim Golf

28 Indian Trail Rd Unit #101, Cape May Court House


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